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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 954

28 June 2017

Tories out - Corbyn in

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The Socialist issue 954

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What we think

spotStep up the fight to kick out Tories and Blairites

Editorial of the Socialist, issue 954: The Tories are hamstrung on major policies. Now turn the enthusiasm for Corbyn’s campaign into a party that can bring about the type of change outlined in his manifesto

Grenfell Tower

spotAfter Grenfell – fight for safe homes

As survivors, local residents, workers and other tower block residents struggle to come to terms with what happened and begin the fight for justice, many more issues of safety and profiteering are raised

spotCamden evacuation – residents expose risks – Blairites duck responsibility

spotGrenfell fire compounded by overcrowding: build more council homes now

Between 400 and 600 people lived in Grenfell Tower – but it had just 200 bedrooms

spotReports: organising to fight for safe homes after Grenfell

Socialist Party members have been organising safety campaigns up and down the country

spotCouncil union responds to Grenfell

“From day one following the fire, our members were on the ground arranging accommodation for those victims, unloading lorries and distributing items”

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotPolice accused of killing cover-up

Anger over the death in police custody of another young black man erupted onto the streets of east London on 25 June

spotNHS secret cuts plans exposed

Bosses are secretly meeting with the government to plan an unprecedented attack on some of London’s’ world-renowned teaching hospitals

spotBarclays finally charged for having hands in till

After an investigation of six years, and over nine years following the events concerned, the Serious Fraud Office has finally decided to bring charges against Barclays bankers

spotStudents ‘skirt’ school uniform issue!

In Exeter, some male students protested their school’s ‘no shorts’ policy by wearing skirts

spotHomelessness – Corbyn offers housing revolution

The number of families in temporary accommodation has soared by 61% since the Tories came to power

spotBenefit cap defeat for government

A court challenge was won on 22 June against the enforcement of the benefit cap for people with children under two years old

spotTories may have broken election laws… again

It’s been revealed that the Tories may have broken electoral laws with the use of so-called market research company Blue Telecoms

spotWhat We Saw

The Daily Mail ran a piece on Socialist Party London organiser Paul Callanan – “the lowest of the low”

Socialist history

spotLiverpool’s 1983-87 socialist council

Between 1979 and 1983 the Tories slashed £120 million from Liverpool’s budget – how did the Militant-led socialist city council fight back?

International socialist news and analysis

spotTrump and the fossil fuel corporations – a lethal combination for the planet

On 1 June 2017 the world’s TV cameras broadcast live as President Donald Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord

spotJobstown Not Guilty – verdict imminent

As we go to press, the verdict is expected in the Jobstown trial in Ireland. Six peaceful protesters face trumped-up charges of ‘false imprisonment’

Workplace news and analysis

spotTrade unions must organise to kick out the Tories

The general election result has not only confounded the Tories and the Blairites but also many trade union leaders

spotUnison conference: confident delegates take control, give Corbyn ‘rapturous’ welcome

Like Theresa May, general secretary Dave Prentis and his supporters looked like the team who had won but lost

spotRefuse workers strike against bullying bosses

Birmingham council refuse workers have voted to strike over a bullying culture and redundancy threat

spot“What do we want? Pay parity.

Striking Mears workers in Manchester held a protest outside Northwards housing association offices on 23 June

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotOrganise the ‘youthquake’! Young Socialists – Generation Socialist

This election has shown that our generation is discovering socialist ideas afresh – now we need to be organised

spotCardiff: unity in solidarity with Grenfell

Local youth, workers and activists in Cardiff have been spurred into action by the horrifying and avoidable fire in Grenfell Tower in a stirring show of working class solidarity

spotCorbyn inspires thousands at Glastonbury

spotTo join the struggle to save the NHS

spotFrom Militant to the Socialist Party – what you thought

spotPentrich Rebellion 200 years on


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