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The Socialist issue 959

23 August 2017

Strikes get results

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The Socialist issue 959

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spotCoordinate the strikes to defeat the Tories

Normally a quiet month for the trade union movement, August has seen a whole number of industrial disputes raging on – and two prominent ones have registered wins: the Birmingham bin workers and janitors in Glasgow.

Barts strikers, 15.7.17 demo, photo Paul Mattsson

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotGlasgow jannies win famous victory against council cutters

Glasgow janitors, after an industrial action campaign lasting almost two years, have won an inspiring victory

spotBin workers – fighting back wins!

spotHundreds evacuated after Labour council dismisses cracks in tower blocks

Fight for safe homes for all: Hundreds of tower block residents have been decanted by Southwark Council in south London over serious safety concerns the Labour administration initially dismissed

spotAmazon tax halves as revenues soar – nationalise now!

Tech giant Amazon paid 50% less tax in the UK this year compared to last year despite the company’s turnover rising by 54%

Workplace news and analysis

spotRMT and the Labour Party affiliation debate

There was unanimous agreement that the victory of Corbyn raises the possibility of RMT once again affiliating to Labour, but the discussion also recognised the structures of Labour remain in the hands of the right

spotDefiant Barts NHS workers fight to stop Serco sabotage

The latest Barts hospital workers’ strike was a defiant message to employer Serco that its underhand tactics wouldn’t succeed in defeating the low-paid workers on their 24th day of action

spotThree-week Argos distribution strike

Workers at four Argos distribution centres across the country are taking three weeks of strike action to defend jobs and terms and conditions in the wake of Sainsbury’s buying out Argos last year

spotBA poverty pay dispute enters new phase of action

On their 74th day of strike action, British Airways mixed-fleet cabin crew and their supporters, circled Heathrow Airport in an open-top bus

spotMcDonald’s workers vote to walk out in historic strike

McDonald’s workers balloted at Crayford, south east London, and Cambridge stores have voted by an incredible 95.7% in favour of strike action

spotBin workers say: Sack Suez, stop rubbish cuts!

spotPCS: strikes to defend jobcentres

More and more jobcentres are taking action against DWP office closures

Fighting the far right

spotUS: neo-Nazi violence reawakens resistance

The vicious white nationalist violence in Charlottesville and across the US has acted as a collective wake-up call

spotLewisham 1977: When socialists and workers defeated the far-right National Front

40 years ago almost to the day before Charlottesville, on 13 August 1977, the fascist National Front aimed to march through Lewisham

spotOpposing the National Front in Grantham

Even with a national mobilisation, the National Front could only muster around 30 supporters

spotCharlottesville solidarity

With only a day’s notice, around 100 people gathered outside the US embassy in London on 15 August to stand in solidarity with Charlottesville anti-fascist demonstrators

Socialist Party feature

spotThe Single Market: a neoliberal tool of the bosses

Fight for a socialist Brexit: The single market compels privatisation of public services, prohibits nationalisation, and makes it easier for employers to exploit workers in numerous ways

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotCome to Socialism 2017

Socialism 2017 takes place on 11 and 12 November. It is a weekend of discussion and debate with a choice of over 40 workshops and rallies

spotChatsworth ward campaigners demand answers

A highly charged and unusual meeting took place against the closure of Chatsworth rehabilitation unit at Mansfield Community Hospital

spotVital women’s services under threat

spotHull youth festival

Hull’s first ‘collective youth festival’ was primarily aimed at developing the next generation of trade unionists to continue the fight against the bosses

spotWest Midlands Young Socialists fight for free education on results day

spotNHS campaign receives Labour Party backing

On 14 August members of Save North Tyneside NHS active in Labour, Unite the Union and the Socialist Party met with North Tyneside MP and shadow cabinet member Mary Glindon to discuss cuts

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotMutinies and strikes: when Bolshevism threatened British bosses

Review – 1919: Britain’s year of revolution: Like countries across Europe, Britain was not immune to the impact of the 1917 Russian revolution

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