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The Socialist issue 962

13 September 2017

It's 'pay-back' time!

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The Socialist issue 962

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotTories retreat on pay cap

It’s ‘pay-back’ time! Coordinate the strikes.
The government has caved in. It has agreed to lift the 1% public sector pay cap from next year, reflecting the pressure the Tories are under.

spot“I’ve been placed in charge of wards without defibrillators”

40,000 unfilled nursing vacancies: Nurses must vote to strike

spotRate of black imprisonment worse than US

Fighting racism means fighting capitalism: David Lammy’s report highlights the oppression faced by black and Asian people without addressing its key causes

spotTories ‘flouting duty’ on poison air, says UN

Public ownership of energy and transport is fundamental if we’re to sort this out

TUC congress 2017

spotNSSN lobby of the TUC 2017: rank-and-file solidarity to smash the pay cap

The National Shop Stewards Network rally in Brighton on 10 September was the most inspiring yet

spotTUC congress 2017: time for action on pay

Workers’ anger at the seven-year pay cap was reflected at the annual TUC conference – now set out a coordinated strategy to fight back!

Workplace news and analysis

spotUnion victory at the Bank of England

Unite members have won a historic victory at the prestigious Threadneedle Street site

spotBus safety: we won’t be distracted from public ownership

Twenty-five deaths and nearly 12,000 injuries have been caused by buses on the capital’s streets in just two years

spotCWU members prepare for industrial action at Royal Mail

After months of unsatisfactory talks, the union leadership has decided to ballot for strikes over the company’s attacks

spotBarts strike – ‘Up the ante’ if necessary

spotMcStriker addresses Greenwich trade unionists

Staff have suffered years of low pay, bullying and abuse from managers

spotSports Direct’s broken promises

Socialist Students

spotKick out the Tories, fight for free education!

Students who supported Corbyn have witnessed the chaos and turmoil within the Tory party, and glimpsed the collective blow we could strike

spotInterview with leader of students’ union in the Spanish state: “When we fight, we win!”

Class struggle is understood in such a natural way. We have no choice. If we don’t fight there is no future for us.

spotYoung Socialists launched in Greater Manchester

International socialist news and analysis

spotKorean peninsula: is nuclear war likely?

Only international working class opposition can halt aggression: The North Korean regime is a particularly grotesque form of Stalinism influenced by decades of military threat from US imperialism

The fight in Labour

spotReadmit the socialists – for a federal Labour Party

The Socialist replies to a letter from a reader in the Labour Party questioning our application to work with Labour as part of an inclusive federation

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotThousands march in Bristol – mayor needs real anti-cuts strategy

Although we support the initiative of lobbying the government, the Labour mayor’s document is not explicitly anti-austerity and doesn’t set out a strategy to beat the government

spotBoost to Chatsworth NHS campaign

Campaigners fighting to save Chatsworth neuro-rehabilitation ward in Mansfield have growing public support and the backing of Jeremy Corbyn

Socialist readers’ comments and reviews

spotIntimate insight into a revolutionary icon

Memoir: Che, My Brother: “The world has not become a better place from when Che was alive. It has become worse. We must fight to make things better.”

spotTrotsky’s “insightful and frank examination” of revolution out soon

New reprint – Lessons of October: “We met with success in the October revolution, but the October revolution has met with little success in our press.”

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors

spotNew documentary asks women how their bodies are sexualised and policed

‘Tits’ is a series of interviews filmed with people discussing body image, personal experiences and their feelings around their top halves


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