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The Socialist issue 1001

27 June 2018


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The Socialist issue 1001

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spot30 June NHS demo: prepare for a mass movement

NHS SOS: Let’s defend our health service – organise to stop privatisation and cuts

spotFight to save the Wales NHS

Welsh Labour leaders have not even protested against Tory cuts to Welsh health spending – they have passively accepted the false argument that there is no alternative

spotGosport opioid deaths scandal: we need democratic control of our NHS

The families have the right to demand criminal prosecutions – but we should also demand greater accountability

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotWalk out on 13 July against ‘Kid Cager’ Trump

Trump can be beaten. He was forced to order an end to cruel separations of migrant families. But we have to continue fighting – he says that they can be detained together instead!

spotTottenham block evacuations a test for ‘Corbynista council’

For a tenants’ ballot and mass building of council homes: 200 families have been ordered to leave their homes on estates in Haringey, north London, by October

spotThe bosses are ‘dishonest’ – not Militant and its supporters

Michael Crick attacks forerunner of the Socialist Party: Crick is acting for the Blairites to undermine the left by drawing attention to past political associations and giving them sinister connotations

spotThem & us

It’s one world for the super-rich and another for the rest of us. £11bn tax cuts for them, austerity for us; £2.3m for private consultants, rail chaos for us; NHS underperforms while Branson mints it

International socialist news and analysis

spotThe gathering new world disorder

Trump’s trade war, with other developments like the Russian regime reasserting its role in the Middle East and elsewhere, are opening up a new chapter in world relations

spotTurkey’s ‘strongman’ Erdogan tightens grip on state power

Socialist Party women

spotDefending women’s services

Women’s services, especially for those fleeing domestic violence, are under enormous threat from Tory and Blairite austerity – Socialist Party members share the lessons from campaigns to defend services in Doncaster and Derby

Workplace news and analysis

spotPCS union pay strike ballot – win the vote, win the claim

The PCS is balloting 125,000 members and needs a strong ‘yes’ vote on a turnout of over 50%

spotUnite union conference – drive out the Tories!

The tasks facing this conference are how to transform Labour into a fighting, socialist party – alongside building the industrial strength which can force out this weak Tory administration

spotEast Dunbartonshire council workers strike to stop pay and leave cuts

A four-day council workers’ strike took place in Scotland involving the Unison, Unite and GMB unions

spotUnison union conference: delegates can’t be cowed

The union’s right-wing leadership sanitised the conference – but suffered several defeats at the hands of angry delegates

spotNHS Mid Yorkshire strike suspended

Management has agreed to investigate keeping staff in the NHS pension scheme and direct employment, and suspended looking at inferior terms and conditions

spotNSSN conference, 7 July 2018: fighting back against the Tories and bosses

Come to NSSN conference: “The NSSN plays an important role in getting the word out and helping to build support and solidarity” – Len McCluskey, Unite union general secretary

spotHomes and Communities Agency workers vote to strike over pay cuts and inequality

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotThousands snap up issue 1000 of the Socialist

ocialist Party members have been out in force giving as many people as possible the chance to join in the celebration of the 1000th issue of the Socialist by buying a copy

spotFighting for rights for Windrush generation and other migrants

The working class in Britain has a proud history of fighting racism and there is an urgent need for trade unions to lead on this issue

spotFight to save Devon hospital services

“Where I come from people stand up and fight. It was our hospital and we want it back – we want it back and made even better!” That is telling it as it is!

spotSupport growing against incinerator in Washington

One resident said: “I can’t understand how a Labour council can even consider allowing a company to build this type of plant only hundreds of metres from people’s homes!”

spotHull unions organise ‘Engage for Change’ festival

Hundreds of local trade unionists and young people attended the second Hull Trade Union Council-organised music festival

spotHuddersfield set to lose two town centre post offices

Huddersfield residents were shocked when news leaked that the 103-year-old building on Northumberland Street that houses one of two town centre Post Offices is earmarked for sale


spotPrison: life inside a living hell

I was in a high-security prison for just over two months. I had never been in trouble with the law before. What I saw left an indelible impression on me

spotBlairite cuts and restructures make social work dangerous

In Sheffield ‘money-saving changes’ the Blairite council is making are like a wrecking ball destroying a building when none of the occupants have been evacuated

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Homelessness and housing costs; privatised rail chaos; Unison witch-hunter elected to council


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