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The Socialist issue 1009

12 September 2018

Tories in chaos - general election now!

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The Socialist issue 1009

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What we think

spotCorbyn must lead in fight against the Blairites

Editorial of the Socialist Party issue 1009: The Labour right’s summer of slander is drawing to a close. As parliament reopens and the party’s conference approaches, the Blairite fifth column is preparing the next phase in its anti-Corbyn campaign.


spotTories in chaos – general election now!

Corbyn and unions must call mass action: The divide in the Tory party over Brexit is now wider than the Grand Canyon.

spotEnfield North Labour Party votes ‘no confidence’ in its MP

spot4m children in homes that can’t afford fruit and veg

£10 an hour now Scrap benefit cuts: Four million children in the UK live in households unable to afford enough fruit, vegetables, fish and other essential food groups to meet government nutrition guidelines, says the Food Foundation.

spotFearful bosses call for ‘fairer capitalism’…

City banker Dame Helena Morrissey has called for “a more responsible and fairer form of capitalism” as part of a new report by the Blairite IPPR thinktank.

spotSchool students in solitary: for full funding, not exclusion!

‘Isolation booths’ – solitary confinement in all but name – are an increasingly common feature of ‘zero-tolerance’ school behaviour policies.

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us.

Financial crash

spot10 years since the financial crash – the socialist answer to capitalist crisis

On 15 September this year, a posh get together takes place at a secret venue in London. At it, top bankers who were part of Lehman Brothers – once the fourth largest investment bank in the world – celebrate the tenth anniversary of its 2008 collapse with “cocktails and canapes”.


spotNSSN rally: militant trade unionists share ideas to win for workers

The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) rally at the Trade Union Congress was a meeting of over 200 working class militants sharing their experiences to best fight the Tories, the bosses and their austerity.

spotTUC congress Brexit debate: unions must lead fight for a general election

spotGuards move closer to beating driver-only operation on Merseyrail giving confidence to other strikes

After 16 days of solid strike action over the last 18 months an announcement was made on 31 August pushing back the bosses’ attempts to move to driver-only operation.

spotCardiff Uber Eats couriers strike back against bosses

Uber Eats courier riders staged their second action in Cardiff on 3 September against low pay and insecure work.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles including Liebherr latest and Nottingham bus strike.

International socialist news and analysis

spotNicaragua: With the people against the Ortega government and imperialism

Since April this year, Nicaragua has become a bloodbath, with over 400 dead and thousands injured, arrested and disappeared.

spotSupport for Putin’s regime dips over major attacks on state pensions

spotSweden: left and far right gain as establishment parties falter

As expected, the racist, far-right ‘Sweden Democrats’ increased their share of the vote from 12.9% to 17.6% in the country’s recent general election.

spotIreland housing occupations

The Guardian newspaper reported: “A backlash is brewing. Using the hashtags #homes4all and #TakeBackTheCity a coalition of housing activists last month occupied a four-storey property in the heart of Dublin which has been vacant for three years.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotCatford campaign against regeneration

Lewisham in south London has a big problem with a lack of council and social housing. Not enough has been built and existing homes are being lost to housing associations, right-to-buy schemes and ‘regeneration’, social cleansing schemes.

spotStudents unite and fight – free education now!

spotReading council plans privatisation – set a no-cuts budget instead!

Reading Borough Council plans to privatise many of its key services. Bins, parks, road maintenance, housing benefit payments and council tax support are all at risk.

spotEDL outnumbered and confronted in Worcester

The Socialist Party was involved in organising a counter-demonstration against another visit of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) to Worcester on 1 September.

spotFight against billionaire Newcastle boss Mike Ashley continues

Socialist Party members stood alongside a group of Newcastle United supporters on 26 August, as part of our continuing campaign against billionaire boss Mike Ashley for his despicable treatment of Sports Direct workers and mismanagement of Newcastle United.


spotWhen working class women dominated football

One hundred years ago the ‘beautiful game’ came to be dominated by women.

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