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The Socialist issue 1021

5 December 2018

Not one more day - Tories out now

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The Socialist issue 1021

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What we think

spotCorbyn and trade union movement urgently need to fight for a general election to kick out the Tories

International socialist news and analysis

spotFrance: mass demonstrations force president to back down

This movement, the expression of accumulated anger, brings together many who have voted very different ways in recent elections

spotMidwives go on strike in New Zealand

Around 1,150 midwives in New Zealand have taken strike action for better pay and staffing levels

Socialist Party feature

spotThe growth of artificial intelligence technology

Its negative impact under capitalism, and its revolutionary potential under socialism: AI technologies cannot be harmoniously rolled out due to the contradictions of capitalism. The real ‘third revolution’ will be the socialist one

Workplace news and analysis

spotPCS AGS election: Where now after the PCS Left Unity conference?

Many Left Unity members will now expect that the incumbent assistant general secretary Chris Baugh will be confirmed as Left Unity’s candidate.

spotBlairite Birmingham steps up union-busting and two workforces plan strikes

Brum’s Labour council won’t get an easy Christmas this year. Two of its workforces – bin workers and home carers – are balloting for strikes

spotVictory! Grimethorpe dinner ladies’ strike beats job cuts

School management has backed down and withdrawn plans to make nine dinner ladies redundant

spotVictory for left in RMT union president election

Michelle Rodgers has been elected president of transport union RMT in a landslide victory for the left in the union

spotWHSmith: hands off our Post Offices!

Post Office management has earmarked a further 74 government-run ‘Crown’ Post Offices to close and franchise out by 2019, in this case to retailer WHSmith

spotBradford College joins #FEfightback strike for decent pay

Bradford College was one of six colleges where workers took strike action for decent pay on 28-29 November

spotWorkplace news in brief

Shelter strike, Beefeater beef, Cammell Laird continues, buses bust-up

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotAusterity: not one more day – Tories out now

Events have confirmed the weak and feeble position of the Tories. Now we must seize the time, mobilise around the call for an immediate general election, and drive the Tories out! Join us in this fight!

spotHealth bosses move goalposts on A&E waiting times: more funds for our NHS now!

spotNorthamptonshire council crisis continues

This small reprieve will not stop austerity – no-cuts budget needed: Campaigners are demanding the council resign. The Socialist Party says that it’s vital that any candidates aiming to replace the Tories back a no-cuts budget.

spotArrogant landlords can be beaten

Housing association bosses gave Theresa May a standing ovation after a speech on housing policy – you wouldn’t find an audience of housing workers or tenants do that

spotFatal bus crash – an avoidable tragedy

Stagecoach bosses have been let off the hook. They should have been jailed for corporate manslaughter.

spotRacist attack in Huddersfield

The Socialist Party stands with Jamal and his family in solidarity against racist bullying. We repeat our calls on the local unions to fight education and youth service cuts.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotFight Cardiff Council’s school cuts

Cardiff’s Labour-run council plans to short-change Cardiff schools by another £3.5 million in real terms, as well as slash £19.4 million of funding from services

spotJoin the march through Woking against austerity

The scale of local authority cuts across all services has already been disastrous yet Surrey County Council are now consulting on millions of pounds of further cuts

spotFighting NHS and fire services cuts and closures in Merseyside

Five walk-in centres across Wirral are set to be closed, with another four under threat in Liverpool.

spotSocialist Party argues against fire service cuts at Tyne and Wear consultation

Wallsend station, one of the most deprived wards in the country, has one fire engine – that finishes at 8pm!

spotLeeds TUC conference to organise fight against austerity

Leeds Trade Union Council organised a successful anti-austerity conference on 24 November. It is part of our campaign to show the damage austerity is doing to local services, and to raise alternatives.

spotWest Midlands Socialist Party women’s meeting: our role in changing society

With the energy in the room fit to burst, it was clear to see how positive the day had been

spotSocialist Students conference date set

Socialist Students conference is set to take place in Birmingham on 9 February 2019


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