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The Socialist issue 982

14 February 2018

We can win the fight for the NHS

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The Socialist issue 982

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotWe can win the fight for the NHS

The situation isn’t all doom and gloom. Movements can be, and are being, built around the country to save hospitals

spotStop press: victory – campaign saves NHS rehab ward

The campaign to save the Chatsworth rehab ward in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, has won

spotMcDonnell says Labour would put services ‘irreversibly’ in workers’ hands

Only mass mobilisation can prevent capitalist sabotage and guarantee workers’ democracy: Fight for public ownership under democratic workers’ control and management, with compensation to owners only on the basis of proven need

spotTamil youth march for justice

Brigadier Priyankara Fernando’s cut-throat threat to peaceful protesters outside the Sri Lankan High Commission caused massive outrage

spotRent doubles in a decade: cap rents, build council homes!

A stunning new report reveals the total rent paid in the UK has doubled to £51 billion since 2007

spotWhat we saw: Tory-Blairite EU love-in

Tory and Blairite MPs could combine to rescue big business

Oxfam scandal

spotOxfam scandal: we need democratic aid and working class solidarity

The Socialist Party calls for democratic control over all aid and emergency assistance – through elected committees of workers, land labourers and poor people in every area

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

spotHow should TUSC approach the local elections and Brexit negotiations?

TUSC conference 2018: Building support for Corbyn’s anti-cuts policies in the local elections – and what position should socialists take on the Brexit negotiations?

Socialist history

spotCzechoslovakia 1968: ‘Prague Spring’ challenges Stalinism

Frustrated workers and youth took the removal of their hardline Stalinist president as the cue to rise up

International socialist news and analysis

spotCape Town drought

No to profiteering from water crisis! Cape Town is facing its worst drought in almost 100 years

spotBrazil: Lula conviction confirmed

Unity in struggle against Temer’s attacks – build a new socialist alternative: The objective of this second conviction of Lula – frontrunner in all opinion polls – is to eliminate him from the 2018 presidential elections

spotBig political strike against Finnish government’s attack on unemployed

Across the country, not only transport workers but construction and manufacturing unions were on strike, with a tenth of Finland’s workers – 200,000 – downing tools

spotFrance: rallies in support of oppressed Kurdish people

Turkey’s President Erdogan is intent on smashing the aspirations of the Kurdish people for a homeland

Workplace news and analysis

spotUCU uni strike: coordinate public sector fightback

Strike for decent pay and pensions: The Socialist Party gives full backing to UCU union members striking against plans to scrap their ‘defined benefit’ pensions

spotSadiq Khan’s bus drivers’ London licence doesn’t go far enough

Labour’s Sadiq Khan spoke to London bus workers when he stood for London mayor and promised to deliver strikers’ pay demands – but we are still waiting

spotNewham teachers strike again as anti-academy pressure mounts

spotWoolwich Crossrail walkouts to demand promised bonuses

76 electricians on the Woolwich Crossrail construction site have been taking industrial action because Balfour Beatty has ceased paying the vital ‘finishing bonus’

spotThreat of action defeats pay cut at Surrey council

Organising works, we won and all members have received their full backdated pay

Socialist Party campaigns

spotHaringey protests HDV – but Labour fails to kill it off completely

Labour councillors passed a resolution postponing any decision on the Blairite privatisation scheme until after May’s local elections

spotStaines fire services saved

After a prolonged battle with Surrey council, the campaign to protect fire services in Staines has forced an important retreat

spotCarlisle debate – socialism or social democracy?

Only a programme of nationalising the banks and top monopolies would allow a Corbyn-led Labour government to carry through serious improvements for the working class

spotEnjoyable and successful Cardiff Refugee Rights gig

“I was deeply moved by the huge support that we received”


spotI’m now a ‘manager’ and I can barely manage!

I work in a well-known high street chain and I was promoted a little while ago and thought to myself “finally, things might get a bit easier!” How foolish I was!

spotIn Windsor none of us want to see homeless people on the street

Royal wedding homeless clearance: The Tory leader of the council, Simon Dudley, decided the police needed to get rid of homeless people using the Vagrancy Act of 1824


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