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The Socialist issue 991

18 April 2018

Get the Tories out

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The Socialist issue 991

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What we think

spotNo to the bombing of Syria!

Build a mass movement against the war: Theresa May, leading a Tory government with no majority, used ‘royal prerogative’ to authorise the bombing of Syria, afraid of losing a vote in parliament

Labour Party

spotFor a fighting, democratic Labour Party

The Socialist Party has written to Jennie Formby, the new left Labour Party general secretary, to discuss the Socialist Party’s right to affiliate to Labour

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotGive us your change (and more) to fight for system change!

Socialist Party members strained every sinew to try and reach the target of £30,000 for the first quarter of the year; in the end we fell just short, raising £28,372

spotBuilding fund: £150,000 milestone smashed!

As of last week we have smashed through £150,000 in pledged donations – this is an incredible feat of collective sacrifice by determined working class fighters

spotThe Socialist – a fighting, campaigning, workers’ paper

We need to ensure that the Socialist is at the forefront of our campaigning

spotHull says no to war, no to austerity

Around 200 people turned out at short notice in Hull on 14 April to protest against the bombing of Syria

spotVictorious Fearnville Fields campaigners thank the Socialist

“We would like to express our thanks to your paper for its coverage of our campaign”

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotYoung people need homes

Vote TUSC to fight youth homelessness and the housing crisis: Youth homelessness is on the rise – the housing crisis and delays in benefit payments are major factors

spot1,400 beds empty as patients lay in corridors: health unions must act now

1,429 beds are now in 82 ‘ghost wards’ – unusable despite overcrowding in hospitals over the winter crisis

spotCatalonia: 1m marchers demand self-determination

spotBillions for the bosses, benefit cuts for us

Capitalist wealth distribution is now at its most unequal and set to widen further

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another for the rest of us. World’s first billionaire; banker frets about Marx; paupers’ funerals; fake apprenticeships

Local elections 2018

spotLabour councillors could stop unsafe ‘driver-only operation’ tomorrow

In favour of cutting guards’ critical safety duties are profit-seeking companies, greedy Tory politicians… and local right-wing Labour politicians

spotGrimsby local paper reveals Labour candidate ‘tried to defect to the Tories’

A Grimsby Labour councillor tried to defect to the Conservatives after Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as leader – following a suggestion from TUSC some local Labour members are proposing to put out a leaflet supporting the TUSC candidate

spotTUSC campaigners challenge youth club cuts

Hounslow’s Labour-led council has recently decided to chop a further £27.4 million from the 2018-19 budget including slashing all funding for youth clubs, meaning they will close in the next few months

spotHuddersfield TUSC takes on the Blairites

The TUSC campaign in Huddersfield is focusing on two seats held by Blairite candidates in Ashbrow and Crosland Moor

spotButterfields tenants join TUSC campaign

In 2016 Socialist Party members helped Butterfields tenants fight eviction – they achieved a famous victory

spotHaringey TUSC fights Blairite cuts

Socialist history

spotEnoch Powell’s racist ‘Rivers of Blood’ rant 50 years on

Tory MP Enoch Powell made his infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ racist rant 50 years ago – we say the struggle against racism must also be the struggle for socialism

Workplace news and analysis

spotUsdaw conference 2018: time for new era of fighting trade unionism

President-elect Amy Murphy writes for the Socialist: “We need to support our members who want to take industrial action in defence of pay and conditions”

spotUCU members vote to end pensions dispute

Universities UK has been forced to state that 100% defined contribution pensions are off the table

spotBromley libraries – indefinite strike action continues

Bromley workers have responded magnificently – but outrageously GLL has bussed in strike breakers from other boroughs

spotPCS rejects Acas offer – further strikes announced

PCS served notice to conciliation servuce Acas on 11 April to start a programme of industrial action if the employer does not offer to improve chronic short staffing, downgrading and moving jobs out of London

spotVote for a left, fighting PCS leadership

It is vital that local reps act quickly to persuade members to vote for the Democracy Alliance slate

spotAvenue School strikers and parents win judicial review

Striking staff and the parents that support them are demanding a ballot, which the governing board seems to be scared of granting – as it’s clear the majority of parents oppose academisation

spotWorkers’ victory over anti-union Scottish council

The Scottish National Party administration in West Dunbartonshire has reversed cuts to trade union convenors and union facility time


spotVital depiction of fight for Aids prevention and treatment

Film – 120 BPM: Activists in ‘Act Up’ in the 1980s and 90s organised militant political action against the ongoing Aids crisis

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Antisemitism smears, imperialism’s double standards, defend local football


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