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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 992

25 April 2018

Tories out

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The Socialist issue 992

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Local elections 2018

spotSouthampton: the cuts or no cuts election

In Southampton we are in the enviable position of campaigning to get Keith Morrell re-elected as a socialist anti-cuts councillor for a second time

spotSheffield and South Yorkshire: no to closures – defend our NHS

In the eight years of Tory-led governments, 95 NHS walk-in centres have been closed – 40% of the original number

What we think

spotTories out!

Vote against austerity, privatisation and racism: vote TUSC! Act against the Blairite saboteurs! For eight years Tory-led governments have tried to create a ‘hostile environment’ for all working class people

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotWindrush scandal: Tories and Blairites must go

Windrush workers who became pillars of public services now find themselves denied access to the NHS, sacked from jobs they’ve held for a lifetime, detained for undefined periods, and some even deported

Labour and the unions

spotRMT Labour Party affiliation debate – where do socialists stand?

Dialogue with the Labour Party is welcome, but it must be honest. Unfortunately, many of the replies to the RMT’s questions dress up the reality of the position, and are sometimes completely misleading

Workplace news and analysis

spotMcDonald’s strikers: “We demand a living wage and decent conditions”

There is an overwhelming mandate for the upcoming ‘McStrike’ which is due to take place on 1 May

spotBromley library workers win strike campaign

spotSchool strike forces head to say privatisation will stop

spotRetail union backs zero-hour ban, leaders oppose rank-and-file coordination

Usdaw conference 2018: The left is making steps forward while the right-wing bureaucracy continues trying to hold back struggle at the annual delegate meeting

spotJournalists’ union leaders defeat call for political fund, but potential for left grows

NUJ conference 2018: Against strong opposition from the NEC, and misinformation, the political fund motion fell – but with a significant minority in favour, the issue will not go away

Socialist history

spotFrance 1968: when workers were on the brink of taking power

50 years since the greatest general strike in history: Workers’ power was there for the taking in May 1968 – but the ‘Communist’ Party leadership threw it away

International Workers’ Day

spotMay Day greetings 2018

Messages of solidarity from unions and campaign organisations for International Workers’ Day


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