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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 999

13 June 2018

Grenfell: still waiting for justice

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The Socialist issue 999

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Grenfell Tower

spotGrenfell: still waiting for justice

The horror of the fire at Grenfell Tower happened one year ago, on 14 June 2017. The whole neoliberal housing model has failed. Time won’t heal capitalism’s crimes, but working class action can win safe homes for all.

PCS union

spotCivil service pay strike ballot: vote yes! Smash the cap!

Interview with PCS assistant general secretary Chris Baugh: After years of real-terms pay cuts, the union is balloting to strike for a fully funded, above-inflation increase.

spotPCS members in DWP say: Pay up now!

Fighting sexism

spotHow can we fight for trade unions that fight for women?

The Socialist Party welcomes all measures to increase the participation of women fighters at all levels of the unions. However, we do not accept that being a woman automatically qualifies someone to represent women.

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotFive reasons to walk out on 13 July

Trump’s election campaign in 2016 generated anger across the working class internationally for his use of racist and nationalist rhetoric, including calling for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, and calls to construct his infamous Mexican border wall

spotCity vultures make millions from Carillion chaos

Workers left unemployed and NHS projects on hold: Accountancy and legal firms will make a killing, raking in £70 million in fees, while workers face the scrapheap

spotRetail crunch: more giants on their knees – nationalise them now

House of Fraser plans to close 31 of its 59 stores, leading to the loss of 6,000 jobs, and Poundworld has appointed administrators, putting a further 5,100 jobs at risk

spotPay rises of 283% needed for most to afford London homes

Mass council house building programme needed now: I would need a pay rise to £134,000 a year to afford a mortgage in London – 283% more than the average London salary, or over 400% more than what I and many others earn

spotThem & us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and anotehr for the rest of us. Tories’ multiple ‘jobs’ and Russian money; jobs and benefits disappear for us; Brown v Corbyn; two-thirds back rail renationalisation

Workplace news and analysis

spotHealth unions accept divisive NHS pay deal

The fact that 87% of voting members in GMB, one of the smaller health unions, rejected the deal shows what could be achieved had there been a united campaign to reject. Instead health unions have signed off for three years just as other public sector workers are gearing up to fight.

spotNHS workers plan coordinated strikes across West Yorks against outsourcing

Four Yorkshire branches of health union Unison are balloting simultaneously for strikes against plans to transfer estates and facilities workers into separate companies – owned by NHS trusts, but outside the NHS.

spot4,000 Rolls-Royce jobs at risk

Press leaks suggest Rolls-Royce in Derby is set to announce another 4,000 job losses. Immediate meetings of the entire workforce should be organised to discuss how to fight the proposed losses.

spotTransport for London to lose central grant: bus workers must prep for action

By 2020 there will be nil central government funding to Transport for London. To fight the cuts we need to use every means we can, including preparing for industrial action by bus workers across London, and coordinated action with other TfL unions.

spotHousing strike against individualised pay enters week two

Tower Hamlets Community Housing workers are in their second week of strike action organised by public service union Unison. Their new pay structure is not negotiated with the unions, but based on ‘market testing’.

spotVote Mike Rolfe for Napo general secretary

Napo is struggling to make a significant difference to the working lives of members. In five years, the incumbent, Ian Lawrence, has been unable to stop a decline in membership, and it is time for him to step aside.

International socialist news and analysis

spotVenezuela: Neither the capitalists nor regime can solve the crisis

Measures which improved living conditions inevitably clashed with big business and the bureaucratic state. This had already led to a loss of electoral support in the last years of Chávez’s presidency. After his death, and the turn to the right of Maduro, we have seen a total collapse of the economy and of the morale of the masses

spotEyewitness report from Gaza: “Razan was killed in front of my eyes”

Socialist Party campaigns

spotBuild an anti-racist workers’ movement

15,000 on far-right march: Many trade unions donate money to ‘Stand Up to Racism’. But instead of franchising the struggle out to other campaigns, it is time for the left unions to act.

spotHelp to sell the Socialist

For approaching 1,000 issues over 21 years, the Socialist has provided the most consistent analysis of events in Britain and internationally, reporting on the many struggles of workers and young people

spotDon’t delay, buy issue 1000 today

Stoke Socialist Party will be asking people if they want to pay for their copy of issue 1000 now and they will deliver it to them in that week.

spotSheffield Labour council “happy” to jail trees protesters

Since the new year there have been over 20 arrests of campaigners fighting privatisation-driven tree felling, for more and more farcical reasons

spotIn the words of Amber Rudd, “no one died at Orgreave”

The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign organises a march every year to commemorate what happened there and demand a public inquiry – join us for the 2018 march


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