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The Socialist issue 1029

13 February 2019

Universal Credit out - Tories out

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The Socialist issue 1029

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What we think

spotCorbyn must launch struggle to kick out Blairites and fight for socialist policies

Labour right plotters must go: Getting rid of this rotten Tory government is not the priority for the Blairites

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotUniversal Credit out – Tories out!

Corbyn should call on Labour councils to set no-cuts budgets now to protect working-class people from the effects of Universal Credit

spotMass pressure wins light sentence for ‘Stansted 15’

spotTo end climate change we need to fight for socialist change!

15 February youth strike for climate: We welcome the call for a youth strike, and believe mass collective action is what is required

spotMarx memorial attack shows socialist ideas are on the rise

The real answer to poverty, division and despair is a new society based on public ownership and democratic socialist planning of resources

spotThem & us

Fossil fuel subsidies for the bosses… rising sea levels for us

International socialist news and analysis

spotFrance: striking workers confront Macron as historic gilets jaunes movement approaches “Act XIV”

The gilets jaunes have awoken, on the part of millions, a deep will to revolt – even to make a revolution

Socialist Party feature

spotTen years since Lindsey strike: when militant action stopped the ‘race to the bottom’

The refinery strike showed how, on the basis of class struggle, workers can democratically negotiate solutions to supposedly conflicting interests

Workplace news and analysis

spotVictory to Birmingham bin workers

Deselect the Blairites! Bin strikers have caough Brum council red-handed at blacklisting

spotHeroic RMT guards beat back Northern rail in fight against dangerous driver-only operation

47 days of determined industrial action have won a significant breakthrough

spotFight for a socialist-led PCS – fight to win the national pay campaign

The strike ballot’s key demand is a 10% pay rise -and we need a socialist leadership to deliver it

spotGlasgow: nationalise the threatened ‘Caley’ railway depot

Over 200 skilled jobs are threatened by the possible closure of the St Rollox ‘Caley’ historic railway yard in Springburn

spotLeicester college workers refuse to accept cut in terms and conditions

“Management has attempted to appeal directly to staff rather than negotiating with elected workplace representatives”

spotEnfield: striking against academisation – fighting for a no-cuts budget

Big picket lines, lots of support from parents, lots of solidarity visits from other trade unionists – four days of action

spotWorkplace and union news in brief

Glasgow strike victory; Bradford bus victory; union action in Hackney; oil tanker strike; Irish nurses strike; home care doorstepping; Woolwich ferry walkout

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotSouthampton: Labour plans £15m cuts – vote Socialist in Coxford by-election

We want our £136 million stolen by the government back, and the council must link up with the unions to mobilise a fight for it

spotNewham: women’s refuge funds halved – Labour must use the £500m reserves

We call on Rokhsana Fiaz to set a real “people’s budget” – one which uses reserves and borrowing to end austerity

spotArrest Brigadier Fernando – defend the right to protest

Tamil Solidarity and Socialist Party members will be protesting again outside the court – join us

spotWhy I joined: “why is their life so different from mine?”

Why can’t we have this for everyone? Why do some people have more than others, and why is their life so different from mine?

spotNew pamphlet: 1919 – Red Flag over the Clyde

spotCelebrating Robert Burns 1759-1796

spot‘Shac’ campaign fights for housing

spot300 turn out for Corbyn in Nottingham marginal

The meeting was friendly, and we sold 19 copies of the Socialist

spotLiverpool: 200 march to commemorate Robert Tressell

The event remembered the celebrated author of ‘The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists’

spot‘Spot’ conference opposes authoritarianism in Turkey

London Socialist Party members participated in the annual ‘Solidarity with the People of Turkey’ conference


spot‘Green Book’ film: a timely reminder of racism in the USA

It’s been called a buddy/road trip film in the tradition of ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ – it is much more than that and yet, perhaps, less than it could be

spot‘Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor’: comedy and tragedy judiciously mixed

Non-fiction: ‘This is Going to Hurt’: Adam Kay defends the NHS against the privatisers and he does it in a witty and engaging way

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Democracy and trains.


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