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The Socialist issue 1041

8 May 2019

Strikes can get results

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The Socialist issue 1041

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Socialist Party election analysis

spotLocal elections: Tory meltdown but Labour loses ground

Editorial of the Socialist: Corbyn must lead fight against council cuts and promote bold socialist policies

spotEngland council elections: socialist anti-cuts message chimes with voters

Most importantly, where we were able, we offered a clear no-cuts alternative to the endless austerity of the vast majority of councillors

spotLeicester elections: “We planted a marker for the future”

“We’ll use cash reserves to set a no-cuts budget” was the Leicester Mercury headline when it reported our manifesto for the Leicester mayoral and city council elections

spotBolsover elections: Labour’s cuts councillors punished by voters

Socialist Party offers fighting alternative: On 2 May Labour lost 14 councillors and control of the council

spotHalton Brook election: support for our policies on doorstep

The Socialist Party came second behind Labour in Halton Brook ward – an increase on 2018 under TUSC

International socialist news and analysis

spotSpanish elections – new upheavals underline need for a revolutionary socialist alternative

To celebrate the defeat of the right and proclaim a “left victory” is not enough. The right and far right have not gone away

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotClimate catastrophe looms: we need socialist change

Young people and workers also need to build for mass action to protest against Trump and capitalism this summer

spotYoung and old, unite and fight!

A new House of Lords report is clearly an attack on pensioner benefits and an attempt to drive a wedge between older and younger people

spotWater bosses plan to undermine nationalisation: no compensation for fat cats!

It is urgent that water and all utilities are fully nationalised, under democratic workers’ control and management

spotNorthern Ireland: Socialist wins council seat

“I want to help rebuild the labour movement as a real alternative to the dead end of Green and Orange politics”

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the bosses, and another for the rest of us. Fat cat pay; rail deregulation.

Workplace news and analysis

spotUnions must back a general election and oppose bosses’ EU

Unite and the CWU played a key role in defeating advocates of a ‘people’s vote’ on the Labour NEC

spotDoncaster NHS pay win shows: strikes can get results!

spotPCS union: listen to members, link the campaigns – we can win fight on pay

“It is important that we continue to campaign, but in doing so fully analyse and dissect what went well and what didn’t”

spotUsdaw union conference demands action on pay, jobs and the right

With almost a year since the departure of Blairite general secretary John Hannett, this year’s Usdaw conference feels different

spotUCU general secretary election: fight for a left leadership!

We in the Socialist Party would have preferred one left candidate, but it’s possible to avoid the right winning – provided we use both votes to support both ‘Jos’!

spotNewham gas workers to strike

The council’s proposed rota could leave up to 42 weeks a year without a manager having gas knowledge to deal with emergencies

spotHull dinner ladies protest against loss of week’s pay

I was told by one dinner lady that they face a week’s loss in pay, from a four-day delay due to changes in their payment schedule

spotAsda workers protest against attacks on paid breaks and bank holiday working

GMB union reps and activists from across the country came to protest outside Asda House in Leeds against the company’s proposals to forcibly move what staff remain on other contracts onto ‘Contract 6’

spotWoolwich Ferry staff to strike over pay and safety

Workers who operate London’s Woolwich Ferry are to strike for ten days in a dispute over pay, safety, and staffing

spotRadiographers’ union slams professional costs

Socialist Party delegates took part in the Society of Radiographers conference, and have set up a group for activists in the union

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotLabour launches homelessness campaign

An enthusiastic crowd attended the launch meeting of the new Labour Homelessness Campaign. Left opinion columnist Owen Jones expressed anger that people sleep on the streets in Britain, one of the richest

spotSocialist vision at Leeds May Day rally

“If we want a society that doesn’t destroy our planet, then it is up to us, working-class people, to come together and fight for it”

spotAlternative housing awards shames bosses


spotSequel to ‘A Very British Coup’ – workers’ struggle, not bosses’ EU and media, is route to socialism

Fiction – The Friends of Harry Perkins: Chris Mullin released a sequel to his highly acclaimed novel in March

spot‘Line of Duty’ – twists and turns as organised crime meets police corruption

TV: ‘Line of Duty’ is a work of fiction – so undercover police officers are not targeting trade unions and environmental campaigns

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. EDF rip-off, pay day penury, Rouse, Ye Women!


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