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Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Socialist issue 1048

26 June 2019

No to Boris, no to Hunt: general election now

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The Socialist issue 1048

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Climate change

spotHow can we build workers’ action to support the climate strikes?

Editorial of the Socialist: The idea of a ‘general strike’ has caught hold among layers of activists – it is very positive that young people are talking about workers taking strike action

spotClimate change protests reach important stage

Britain’s fifth climate strike took place on 21 June. Reports from York, Newcastle, Nottingham, London, Leeds and Brighton

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotNo to Boris, no to Hunt: general election now

We need a general election, not a no-choice coronation of Boris or Hunt. What do they offer that is any different to the brutal austerity policies of May and Cameron?

spotUniversal Credit forces women into prostitution

A Tory minister has been forced to retract an official statement that there was no link between Universal Credit and people being pushed into to the sex trade to survive

spotCharging scandal in Warrington and Halton NHS Trust

The trust recently announced that 71 elective treatments would no longer be available free to patients

spotUnion action can tackle 58% working poverty rate

Almost two-fifths of those in poverty in the UK are also in work

spotUnsafe, unaffordable housing scandal

It is a disgrace for people to be living in unsafe and dangerous housing in the fifth richest country in the world

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich and another for the rest of us.

International socialist news and analysis

spotRatcheting up of Iran-US tensions

Neither imperialism nor regional powers offer a way forward for Middle East workers and poor

spotSudan solidarity protests

London demo applauds call for a democratic, socialist Sudan; no trust in imperialist powers in Leeds

Workplace news and analysis

spotCoordinate the fightback! Come to the 2019 NSSN conference

Strikes get results: The National Shop Stewards Network conference on 6 July is a fantastic opportunity to coordinate the trade union fightback

spotUnions and campaigners discuss fight to end education crisis

Loud applause for Jo Grady, newly elected general secretary of the University and College Union, calling for national coordinated strikes to stop education cuts, shows what is needed

spotStriking workers defy the race to the bottom at Glasgow and Aberdeen airports

The strikes for pay and pensions justice at Glasgow and Aberdeen airports are a fight for every trade unionist and worker in Scotland and beyond

spotBridgend NSSN meeting determined to fight for Ford workers

A very successful National Shop Stewards Network public meeting in Bridgend brought solidarity and support to the Ford workers in their efforts to save their plant and jobs

spotUnison conference: Socialist Party members call for anti-cuts fight and build left challenge

Despite the right-wing leadership’s stunts, the union’s call for a general election was saved and 200 attended the campaign meeting for a fighting, democratic Unison

spotSalisbury South Western Rail strikers determined

RMT transport union guards striking on South Western Rail are determined to carry on the fight to keep the guards

spotMidlands mental health workers walk out against privatisation

“If this goes through, things will never be the same again. It’s the beginning of the end,” said one Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust picket

spotNotts college contract dispute

More than 80 teachers would be £1,000 worse off in addition to increased teaching hours, removal of workload protections, and cuts in holiday and sick pay

spotColloids workers strike to support sacked rep

Over 150 Colloids workers turned out for the fifth consecutive week for an organised day of action and mass support in the dispute with Colloids in Kirkby over the sacking of Unite the Union rep George Gore

spotHarrogate academy workers strike against cuts

“If it hadn’t been for this school I would have ended up in prison” were the words of one former student who came to support the picket line on 20 June

Socialist history

spot35th anniversary of the Battle of Orgreave

The Great Miners’ Strike 1984-85: The Battle of Orgreave on 18 June 1984 involved nearly 10,000 pickets. 4,000 police, including mounted police, attacked them

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotAngry Barking fire victims demand action from landlords and authorities

Around 30 flats were destroyed – only now are the combustible balconies at other flats being stripped away by the builders

spotHull trade union festival a great success

Hull Socialist Party members were central in organising a hugely successful trade union festival, ‘Engage for Change’, on Saturday 22 June

spotStop the Devon and Somerset fire service cuts

Firefighters in Devon and Somerset have reacted with fury to swingeing cuts in which will cut the fire service ‘to the bone’


spotOpinion: capitalism’s Fukushima showed same recklessness as Stalinism’s Chernobyl

While lauding the marvellous TV series Chernobyl, the capitalist press has gleefully criticised ‘socialism’, and even Corbyn, for the Ukrainian nuclear disaster

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Platini’s red cards, key workers’ homes, heroic Eleanor Marx


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