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The Socialist issue 1060

16 October 2019

Tories Out - general election now

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The Socialist issue 1060

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What we think

spotCorbyn must stand firm against establishment and Labour right

The Tory government’s new spending promises are not a change in a working-class friendly direction. Rather, they are temporary concessions in an attempt to win a general election.

spotMass united action against the war on Syrian Kurds

The decision by US president Donald Trump to pull out 1,000 American troops from northern Syria gave the green light to the Turkish army to launch a brutal invasion against Kurdish-held areas.

Low pay

spotMinimum wage debate: how can we end the scandal of low pay?

This article aims to start a discussion in the pages of the Socialist about what constitutes low pay, who decides what we need to live on, and what fighting demands the Socialist Party should raise in the labour and trade union movement to really “end low pay altogether”.

News and reviews

spotTories out – general election now

Boris Johnson will be hoping that the archaic ceremony surrounding the Queen’s Speech will act as a distraction from the Brexit crisis.

spotThe Cameron Tory legacy

In the establishment’s eyes David Cameron’s claim to fame will be the EU referendum, triggering the current political crisis and disintegration of the Tory Party.

spotClimate watch

Workplace news

spotMassive vote for strike action: postal workers – “we’re out to win!”

There was a deafening roar of approval at the special meeting convened by the Communications Workers Union (CWU) when it was announced that postal workers in Royal Mail had voted yes to strike action by a massive 97.1%.

spotPCS general secretary election: Marion Lloyd – standing for action on members’ pay, jobs, pensions and more

Marion Lloyd is on the ballot paper for the PCS general secretary election having won 39 nominations from all parts of the union.

spotWales: Hundreds march to save the Orb works

On 12 October steelworkers from all over Britain joined hundreds of Orb workers and their families on an impressive march through Newport, South Wales, to demand that the Tata Orb steelworks in the city is saved.

spotRMT: Jared Wood – Fighting cuts, defending jobs, pay and conditions

Ballot papers will be posted to RMT transport union members this week to fill a seat on the union’s executive committee from the London transport region.

spotHackney SEND transport workers achieve victory

Drivers and passenger assistants employed by Hackney Council in the Special Education Needs Service have won an outstanding victory following strike action in support of a pay claim.

spotNEU support staff dismiss Tory ‘extra funding’ hype

The National Education Union was formed in September 2018 to include school teachers, further education lecturers, education support staff and teaching assistants.

spotWorkplace news in brief

Workplace news in brief

Tony Mulhearn

spotTony Mulhearn 1939-2019: Courageous fighter for the working class and socialism

Tony Mulhearn was a titan, a courageous leader of the working-class movement in Liverpool and Merseyside, as well as a life-long proud member of Militant, now the Socialist Party.

spotBook: The Making of a Liverpool Militant by Tony Mulhearn

“I’m glad they convinced him to put it down in print”: I wasn’t able to go to the launch of Tony Mulhearn’s book, The Making of a Liverpool Militant, but my copy arrived in the post a couple of days before, so I spent a lot of time reading it.

Chinese revolution

spotChina after the 1949 revolution: the benefits of the planned economy stifled by bureaucracy

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Chinese revolution. In the second of a series of articles marking that event, Tom Baldwin looks at the period following the declaration of the People’s Republic of China.

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotBe part of the future: join the Socialist Party

Today, the old world order, capitalism, is in chaos. It offers us climate change, poverty, and constant instability for working-class and young people.

spotMass union mobilisation needed to counter anti-choice group

Waltham Forest in east London has become the focus of intense activity over the last month by anti-abortion rights group ‘CBRUK’ and those of us who defend a woman’s right to choose.

spotMajor new book out in November: In Defence of Trotskyism

Since the financial crisis of 2007-08, many different movements have developed against oppression, austerity, neoliberalism and capitalism – with mixed success.

spotTrade unionists discuss climate change

Socialist Party members attended a climate change discussion event organised by members of the National Education Union on 12 October.

spotPressure needed to force secret police disclosure

For at least 40 years, special undercover sections of the police spied on trade unionists, socialist organisations including the Socialist Party, and campaigners such as the family of Stephen Lawrence, victim of a racist murder.

International socialist news and analysis

spotUprising in Ecuador forces government climbdown

Twelve days of mass protests have forced the Ecuadorian government to retreat and restore the fuel subsidies it had removed with Decree 883.

spotCatalonia: Mass protests against punitive political jailings


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