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The Socialist issue 1070

22 January 2020

Council cuts continue... So must the fightback

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The Socialist issue 1070

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Socialist Party news and analysis

spotCouncil cuts continue… So must the fightback

Boris Johnson says austerity is over. But who believes this pathological liar?

spotProtesting is not terrorism

Police issue counter-terror guidance against campaigners including Socialist Party: Trade unions should demand the government withdraws these documents and the Prevent strategy

spotEnd climate change, end inequality, end capitalism!

On one side, the global rich elite wine and dine at their annual shindig in Davos. On the other, millions around the world face poverty, war and environmental destruction

spotCapitalism fails NHS services in Liverpool: scrap PFI!

The outsourced hospital should have been open and treating patients with state-of-the-art equipment by now

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another for the rest of us. Billionaires, housing, health, Lords, and more.

What we think

spotTo win back working-class trust Labour must take the ‘Liverpool road’

Editorial of the Socialist, issue 1070: The five Labour leadership candidates at the first hustings pursued a common theme – how can Labour win the trust of the working class. But it’s a tragedy that no mention of Liverpool’s vital socialist lessons was made

International socialist news and analysis

spotEyewitness report: workers’ struggle in France on the boil

After more than 45 days of strikes and 62 weeks of ‘gilets jaunes’ protests, French workers’ appetite for struggle endures

spotFrance striker speaks: real, deep anger needs union strategy

For the moment, the strike relies on the workers’ determination – we need to discuss demands to generalise the strike, and a political alternative

spotIraq – a brutal legacy of imperialist intervention

The Iraqi people have endured horrors from iron dictatorship to brutal imperialist occupation to dysfunctional and corrupt rule by local sectarian parties

spotIndia: Huge general strike but a missed opportunity

This year’s planned general strike on 8 January was massive. It broke all previous records in the numbers involved in united class action in India

Workplace news and analysis

spotRoyal Mail workers to reballot for strike action

The Communication Workers Union has announced that talks with Royal Mail management have broken down and the union will be reballoting our membership for industrial action

spotRenewing the left in PCS

Broad Left Network is not just an electoral organisation; its goal will be to raise the confidence and consciousness of our union’s reps, for a real member-led union

spotA win against academisation in east London

St Angela’s school in Newham won’t become a privately run academy – but other Catholic schools are yet to win

spotBelfast Hovis workers’ all-out strike

Hovis workers in the BFAWU and Unite trade unions have voted for an all-out strike in Belfast, Northern Ireland for better pay

spotWestex strikers read the Socialist

Members of Unite at the Westex Carpets factory in Cleckheaton have been on strike for two months over pay

spotEaling tax office strike continues

Ealing tax office staff were out on strike again on 15 January. The campaign continues to save a local office against government cuts

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotMake a stand: set legal no-cuts council budgets

Defend jobs, services and communities. Reports from Carmarthenshire, Peterborough, Swansea, Enfield

spot“If you think bus and rail services are crap, sign our petition to take them back”

Sheffield Socialist Party branch decided to start a campaign about public transport

spotBuilding Tamil Solidarity with youth and the unions

Tamil Solidarity AGM: It is evident that young people have begun playing leading roles in the campaign

Readers’ opinion

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist’s editors. Labour leadership; pensions struggle; political policing; university stress

spotRobert Burns: of the people, for the people

Burns was ‘just’ a poor farmer and low-paid public sector worker – we celebrate the 18th century radical democrat


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