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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 1074

19 February 2020

Cuts and climate change cause floods

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The Socialist issue 1074

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What we think

spotJavid’s departure foreshadows deeper Tory divisions

Editorial of the Socialist: Boris Johnson’s “peoples’ government” lasted as long as his first cabinet reshuffle

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotCuts and climate change cause floods

Fight Tories and profit system: Two storms in a week brought some of the worst floods in living memory to Wales and parts of England and Scotland

Climate change

spot‘Roses are red, violets are blue, BP and Shell – we’re coming for you’

Climate strikers’ Valentine’s Day message: Leicester, Swansea, Cardiff, Sheffield, Scotland

spotSocialist Students says democratise the climate strike movement

International socialist news and analysis

spotCoronavirus crisis shakes Chinese regime

Fight for independent workers’ organisation and democratic socialism: Will the regime’s initial denial of the problem and punishment of those who raised the alarm have major political consequences?

spotYemen’s desperate civil war fuelled by imperialism and regional powers

Only unified, revolutionary movement of working class and poor can end the turmoil: The final article in our series on the Middle East

Socialist history

spotCouldn’t pay, wouldn’t pay, didn’t pay: the battle to defeat the poll tax

30 years ago the historic struggle against the hated poll tax was reaching its peak. How was it defeated?

Workplace news and analysis

spotUCU: Striking to fight education cuts and marketisation

Education workers strike back: A victory on pay is the most concrete way of ensuring the university management concedes to improving staff conditions and our share of income

spotCWU: Build for a massive Yes vote in Royal Mail

“Management are out to destroy the power of the CWU and must feel strengthened by the election of the Tory government”

spotUnite union executive council elections

Build a fighting trade union movement: The key task will be strengthening the more militant path taken by the union since the election of Len McCluskey

spotSixth-form strikers stand firm for increased funding

Picket line reports from Leeds and east London

spotPeterborough food workers picket and protest

There was a noisy demonstration outside Peterborough’s Pioneer Foods site on the Orton Southgate industrial estate for two hours on 11 February

spotHackney parking wardens strike for £15 an hour

spotEast London anti-academy strikes escalate

Education workers in Newham have escalated strike action at St Michael’s and St Bon’s to halt plans for academisation

spotSupport Clive Walder

A Unite rep at National Express is appealing his dismissal, which we believe is totally disproportionate

spotLondon bus rep dismissal update

Moe wants to thank the huge support that he has received

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spotThe Socialist: Ideas to change society

How can we make sure the Socialist newspaper gets into as many hands as possible?

spotKeep the pressure on to save Royal Glam A&E

spotStop Newham Labour’s cuts and gentrification

Labour should refuse to make the cuts, and keep sheltered housing council-owned

spotSocialist sellers

Labour Party

spotLabour Party and trans rights

The Labour Campaign for Trans Rights has intervened in the party’s leadership contest, calling on candidates to back its 12-point pledge

Readers’ opinion

spotBrilliant Korean film exposes class inequality

Cinema – Parasite: It’s the rich who are the real parasites


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