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The Socialist issue 1077

11 March 2020

Coronavirus: Full NHS funding now

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The Socialist issue 1077

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spotCoronavirus: Full NHS funding now

spotCoronavirus infects the world economy

spotFlybe collapse: nationalise to save jobs threatened by Covid-19 and downturn

spotCoronavirus: international cooperation needed, not capitalist competition

spotSupermarkets are ruled by profit – unions should control supply limits

spotFor full pay during isolation: for public health as well as workers’ wallets

spotSelf-isolation patients speak: NHS facilities and advice not up to it

spotItaly on lockdown: lack of resources and democracy causes panic

“That’s six weeks without any money. How am I supposed to feed my kids? The government is doing nothing to help us. And the health service is on the verge of collapse.”, said Jo, a teacher from Bologna

spotSouth Korea shows capitalism has money to respond to coronavirus

spotCoronavirus news in brief


spotDomestic Violence bill: We still need to fight to save our services

spotNews in brief

Workplace news

spotPostal workers mobilise to win strike reballot

Almost 110,000 postal workers are currently balloting for strike action to force Royal Mail to honour the ‘Four Pillars’ agreement over pay, pensions, workplace bullying and a shorter working week

spotHomerton Hospital workers fight for sick pay

spotFighting to transform the union in my warehouse

Conditions in my workplace have been decaying over the last decade. The cost of surviving, let alone living, has gotten harder.

spotArgos workers in Sainsbury’s stores threatened with losing collective bargaining

spotHomeless charity workers to strike against intransigent management

spotSouthampton trade unionists say “defend the right to strike!”

spotStrong support for PCS Broad Left Network

spotEast London uni and bin worker strikes

US election

spotHow can Trump be ousted from the White House?

Campaigns and party news

spotSalford ‘no-cuts’ budget includes cuts and tax rises

spotStoke council unions beat pay cuts – now let’s stop all cuts

spotIs there an anti-cuts rebellion in Scotland?

spotSocialist Party joins International Women’s Day protests

The Socialist Party joined protests organised for International Women’s Day in London. We took part in Million Women Rise and the London Women’s Strike, writes Isai Priya, London Socialist Party.

spotHousing workers explain reality to idiot Boris Johnson

spotSwansea: Ask anyone about state of services, you will hear the real story

spotCamarthenshire: Councillors’ ‘walk of shame’

spotStudent occupation in support of striking workers

spotSelling the Socialist

spotSocialist Party executive committee positions

International news

spotGreece-Turkey border refugee crisis

Women’s and trans rights

spotWomen’s rights, trans rights and the labour movement

The Socialist was contacted by Women’s Place UK (WPUK) requesting a right of reply to the article by Sarah-Sachs Eldridge ‘Labour Party and trans rights: United working-class fight needed for rights and resources for all’, which was published in issue 1074.

Readers’ opinion

spotFilm: Greed directed by Michael Winterbottom

It was refreshing to watch a mainstream film exposing the madness and exploitative nature of the capitalist system, writes Barbara Clare, Stevenage.

spotChildcare – costly, inadequate and hard work

spotBook: Why you should be a trade unionist by Unite general secretary Len McCluskey

spotThe Socialist Inbox


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