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Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Socialist issue 1081

8 April 2020

Tory lies cost lives

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The Socialist issue 1081

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What we think

spotTory lies cost lives

spotEnd of the Corbyn era – Organise to fight for socialist policies

spotWorkers take action while union leaders call truce with government and bosses

“And I want to thank them (key workers) and also the leaders of the trade unions who represent them…”

International news

spotCoronavirus: Amazon workers threaten revolution!

spotCoronavirus, capitalism and fighting for socialism worldwide

The Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI – the socialist international organisation the Socialist Party is part of) is posting regular updates from its sections around the world

Coronavirus news

spotDispatches from the front: shortages of NHS staff, equipment – and union leadership

The temptation to come home and cry at the end of every shift is sometimes overwhelming. As part of diagnostics, my department touches on most of the hospital

spotExpired PPE relabelled for NHS use

spotThe minimum wage must go up! Fund coronavirus workers, not bosses’ profits!

Minimum wage workers include many of the frontline staff dealing with the pandemic, writes Karen Smith, care worker.

spotCapitalism causes crisis profiteering: fight for workers’ oversight and public ownership

The government’s laissez-faire attitude towards supplies, in effect contracting out any control of this to the major retailers, means there have been opportunities abundant for speculators to rip people off, writes Iain Dalton, Yorkshire Socialist Party.

spotUnder the microscope: Pandemic news in brief

The hospital oxygen supply in Hertfordshire came within inches of failing due to a huge increase in demand

Workplace news

spotWhere’s the PPE Welsh Assembly?

spotEE puts workers’ health and safety at risk

EE is making it very clear why we can’t leave it to the bosses to control our response to the coronavirus crisis, writes Ross Saunders, Cardiff Socialist Party.

spotThings will never be the same again

“This certificate provides confirmation you are classified as a Sky key worker…Thank you for …help[ing] keep Sky’s critical services running for our customers”

spotAnger as London local authorities bulldoze through powers to discipline workers

spotA day in the life of a frontline worker

spotVictory for Medway bin workers

spotSocialists in Unite meet via Zoom: Struggles continue in the workplaces

World War Two

spotClass collaboration and worker militancy in World War Two Britain


spotLabour leadership election: Starmer wins but the fight for socialism goes on

spotCoronavirus crisis finance appeal

spotMay Day greetings: we need to fund independent workers’ media now more than ever

spotGetting the Socialist out safely under lockdown

Readers’ opinion

spotGoing viral

The Covid-19 pandemic is a world social crisis which touches every aspect of life. The iniquities and failings of the capitalist system are being exposed, and workers and communities are organising in


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