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The Socialist issue 1083

22 April 2020

WhereÂ’s our PPE? WhereÂ’s our testing? WhereÂ’s our money?

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The Socialist issue 1083

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Frontline workers speak out

spotWhere’s our PPE? Where’s our testing? Where’s our money?

spotLondon bus drivers’ action over safety stops front door boarding

26 transport workers have died from Covid-19 in London, the majority of them bus drivers. Now London bus drivers have forced Transport for London (TfL) and bus companies to implement some safety measures

spotCare homes coronavirus scandal: blood on their hands

There is growing anger at the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. 400,000 people living in care homes have been abandoned – surrendered to the virus.

spotPPE shortages: “I feel so bloody angry”

The guidelines we follow on use of PPE have changed dramatically during this pandemic. At first we were told we must wear full PPE for every patient suspected of having Covid 19.

spotTrade union activists from across the south of England discuss the battle for safety on the frontline

Trade union activists from across the south of England came together for a Socialist Party meeting on Zoom on 18 April, writes Paul Couchman, Surrey County Unison branch secretary (personal capacity).

spotManagement tells carers PPE would ‘worry’ residents

My sister works as a carer in a local privately run care home. She has been worried sick over the policies for coronavirus not being implemented there

spotCouncils must demand control of supplies and reversal of austerity

Despite their claims of “partnership” between central and local government, it’s clear the Tories have not involved councils in their Covid-19 planning at all, writes Hugo Pierre, Unison union national executive committee member (personal capacity).

spotMore dispatches from the front: ‘There are so many more patients dying’

The main concern with staff at the moment is it’s week four in Covid ICU and no sign of anyone being tested yet, writes a NHS intensive care technician.

World economy

spotWorld economic crisis: A Marxist approach to the coronavirus crunch

How badly could the economy be affected by the coronavirus crisis?

Workplace news

spotNo ‘back to school’ until outbreak is under control and trade union agreed safety arrangements

Tory splits over a coronavirus ‘exit strategy’ are being played out over the question of when to fully reopen schools, writes Martin Powell-Davies, a National Education Union member.

spotDWP: Action on workers’ safety, and protection of pay and conditions needed

More than two million people have claimed benefits in the last four weeks. Failed Tory austerity is impacting health care workers having insufficient PPE and testing.

spotJD Sports: Shut up shop and give us full pay!

JD Sports workers have been organising to demand the company close its warehouse, and pay all shop-floor and warehouse workers full pay for the duration of this crisis, writes a JD Sports worker.

spotRMT: Lift the suspension of Steve Hedley

A statement in Red Lines – the bulletin of Socialist Party members in the RMT transport union – calls for the lifting of the union executive’s suspension of Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley.

spotBromley Libraries ‘restructure’ in middle of pandemic!

Bromley Library workers are facing a restructure, including moving to new work locations, in the middle of this health emergency

Lenin at 150

spotLenin at 150: A revolutionary life – and the relevance of his ideas to today’s working-class struggles

In January 1917 the world was in flames amid the barbarism of the first capitalist world war. Yet within months, the Russian revolutionary socialist Vladimir Lenin was the elected head of the first democratic workers’ government in history.

Coronavirus news

spotNational plan for testing needed

spotCapitalist press attacks Tory incompetence

spotTory think tank proposes attack on pensions

spotShocking increase in domestic violence killings

Domestic abuse killings have more than doubled during the coronavirus lockdown, according to Counting Dead Women (CDW), the organisation that monitors the killing of women by men

spotUS private healthcare system in meltdown

spotCoronavirus news in brief

As the number of unemployed workers applying for benefits rises to 22 million due to the coronavirus crisis, reactionary US president Donald Trump is determined to end the country’s health lockdown measures, which he sees as undermining his chances of a second term in office

Workplace safety

spotThe history of struggle to make the workplace safe


spotExcellent support for Socialist Party special appeal

We have had a fantastic response to our special appeal to help finance the publication of the Socialist and promote the ideas of the Socialist Party in this corona crisis, writes Chris Newby, the Socialist sales organiser.

spotWhy I joined the Socialist Party

spotClapping, driving, postering – for workers’ rights

We clapped and we demanded workers’ rights. Health workers called for protests in cars at hospitals – demanding PPE and the resignation of health secretary Matt Hancock.

spotThe role of the Socialist during the corona crisis

“Read the truth. Read how to fight back. Read the Socialist.”

spotPolicies that really protect the NHS

spotCoronavirus: Students’ charter

spotSocialism the Podcast: What do our listeners think?

I was listening to the latest episode of the Socialist Party’s podcast while cooking. My boyfriend came in to ask who was speaking and how someone who talks sense had been allowed on the radio!

Readers’ opinion

spotCovid-19 patient speaks out: fantastic support from under-resourced health workers

Steve Nally, a support worker in the housing sector, was among the first Covid-19 patients at St Thomas’ Hospital in south London

spotGoing viral: Socialist comments and letters

The Covid-19 pandemic is a world social crisis which touches every aspect of life.


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