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Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Socialist issue 1084

29 April 2020

WorkersÂ’ safety before bossesÂ’ profits

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The Socialist issue 1084

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Coronavirus news

spotWorkers’ safety before bosses’ profits

spotDispatches from the front: PPE chaos goes on

I just found out that the ‘FFP3’ mask I’ve been wearing expired in 2012. The other boxes supposedly expired in May 2019. They actually expired in 2016, but stickers have been put over that with 2019

spotPrivate firm causes weeks of delay to free school meal vouchers: bring it back in-house!

I rely on free school meal vouchers to feed my daughter. They were due Monday 20 April and didn’t arrive until that Thursday, writes Lindsey Morgan, Leicester Socialist Party.

Lessons from history

spotNo return to the 1930s: World War Two and ‘a land fit for heroes’

May Day

spotMay Day 2020: join the protests – wear red, bring flags and banners

This issue of the Socialist covers International Workers’ Day, Friday 1 May 2020. May Day is always an important event in the calendar of the workers’ movement. It is doubly so this year

spot130 Years of May Day in Britain: Fight for workers’ rights more relevant than ever

spotMay Day greetings pull out 2020

Workplace news

spotWorkers fighting to defend safety and livelihoods – NSSN national meeting a huge success

Over 200 members and reps from many different trade unions came together on Zoom on Sunday 26 April to discuss the impact of the coronavirus crisis on workers

spotCivil servants in Paisley protest after Covid outbreak

On 24 April, civil servants at Paisley Jobcentre held an outdoors union meeting following an outbreak of Covid-19 in their office

spotIrish police use Covid-19 emergency powers to disperse Dublin shop workers’ protest

spotB&M Bargains management puts profit before safety

The attitude of B&M Bargains management has been ‘business as usual’. Some staff are furloughed, often in stores in shopping centres which have closed anyway, and some admin staff.

spotSchools: No return without a national union agreement that guarantees safety!

National Education Union (NEU) members have put forward the following model motion at meetings on opposing the reopening of schools unless safe..

spotUnions must organise throughout crisis

spotWaltham Forest trade unions discuss the fight for PPE and workplace safety

In organising a meeting on PPE and workplace safety, Waltham Forest Trade Union Council showed the role of these bodies in drawing together workers in struggle, strengthening solidarity, and helping clarify the tasks for the labour movement through discussion, writes Nancy Taaffe, Waltham Forest Socialist Party.

spotWoolwich ferry – workers secure 100% furlough agreement

Unite union has negotiated a 100% furlough agreement with Briggs Marine, the contractor who currently runs the Woolwich Ferry.

spotISS workers’ pay victory

Organising during coronavirus

spotShould the Socialist still be produced during the Corona crisis? An exchange with Mark Serwotka about sales of the Socialist

On 7 April Mark Serwotka wrote to Hannah Sell, general secretary of the Socialist Party, asking for an assurance that the Socialist would not be sold outside PCS-organised workplaces during the coronavirus emergency

spotCoronavirus crisis finance appeal

spotAdding demands to the weekly claps

Readers’ opinion

spotGoing viral: Socialist comments and letters

The Covid-19 pandemic is a world social crisis which touches every aspect of life. The iniquities and failings of the capitalist system are being exposed


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