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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 1086

13 May 2020

Stay alert to bosses putting profit before safety

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The Socialist issue 1086

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What we think

spotStay alert to bosses putting profit before safety

spotTories put profit before lives – unions must stand firm on workplace safety

“Meet the new messaging: same as the old messaging. Only even vaguer and more confusing. Not so much 15 minutes of TV fame as uncomfortably like watching someone have a breakdown in front of you.

spotFurlough scheme extended – workers need 100% of wages


spotNo going back to unsafe schools

Johnson’s announcement that he intends primary schools in England to reopen to early years, reception, year one and year six from the beginning of June, was met with disbelief and anger by school staff and parents alike

Workplace news

spotDispatches from the front: bosses prepare fresh attacks on NHS

As an NHS nurse I was asked by the Socialist to provide a note from the ‘front line’

spotTransport union RMT tells members: refuse to work in unsafe conditions

The RMT has issued fresh advice to members not to work in unsafe Covid-19 conditions, warning that confused government messaging could have lethal consequences

spotLeicester care workers face pay cut and worse conditions

Care home workers in Leicestershire are to be rewarded for their courage and sacrifice during this crisis with a pay cut and worsening conditions of service, writes Heather Rawling, Unison union member (personal capacity).

spotWest Midlands trade union activists discuss the battle for safety on the front line

Socialist Party members in the West Midlands met online in a forum to talk through workplace situations during the coronavirus pandemic, and discuss strategy to defend workers’ health against some truly despicable management practices from the private and public sectors

Spanish flu 1918

spotThe Spanish Flu of 1918 and how it “fanned the flames of revolt”

Lessons from history

spotA new world order – global reconstruction after World War Two

The United States emerged from the carnage of World War One immeasurably strengthened, both economically and militarily, writes During the Covid-19 crisis, many commentators have talked about a ‘new Bretton Woods’ and the need for post-crisis international capitalist cooperation and reconstruction. In the fifth in our series on ‘war, global crises and working-class struggle’, Robin Clapp looks at reconstruction and global relations after the Second World War and the lessons for today.

spot‘Victory in Europe’ 75th anniversary: A resurgent workers’ movement and the fight for socialism

Victory in Europe had come at an enormous cost. 40 million soldiers and civilians had been killed, 27.5 million in the Soviet Union alone.

Socialist planning

spotPandemic shortages caused by capitalist market – socialist planning is the alternative


spotSafe social-distancing car-cavalcade protests

Newham trade union council organised a car cavalcade through Newham, east London on 7 May to combine with the Thursday 8pm clap for key workers

spotStarmer in full retreat over C-19 rents crisis

Readers’ opinion

spotJohnson’s plan terrifies me – readers react to lifting lockdown

spotGoing Viral: Socialist comments and letters on the corona crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is a world social crisis which touches every aspect of life. The iniquities and failings of the capitalist system are being exposed


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