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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 1087

20 May 2020

Rich get handouts - workers get pay cuts

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The Socialist issue 1087

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What we think

spotConfidence plummets in Tory strategy for Covid-19

Workers must build workplace and political resistance Boris Johnson’s speech on 10 May was a watershed moment in the Covid-19 crisis

Resist school reopening

spotStaff and parents fight ‘back to school’ plans

School workers are in the front line of the government’s unsafe back-to-work strategy – but they and parents are organising a huge resistance

Make transport safe

spotTransport workers & passengers mustn’t pay the price

Lack of funding and safety: To please their big business backers, the Tories are trying to force workers back to work – regardless of whether it is safe or not to do so

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotRich get handouts – workers get pay cuts

Make the rich pay for the Covid crisis: Some of the richest people in the country are getting huge government handouts because of coronavirus. Meanwhile, millions are poorer as a result of the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic

spotContract tracer speaks out: Tories’ plan is outsourced chaos

The government’s new contact tracing scheme is outsourced to Serco – which subcontracted recruitment to Capita, writes a NHS contact tracer.

spotCrisis in council services: Labour must fight or stand aside

A £10 billion financial black hole faces councils, according to a Labour Party report

spotFurlough cut-off could force millions back to unsafe workplaces

Will my boss starve me back to work this summer? It’s a question that might start keeping furloughed workers up at night

spotSafe protests against Tory corona chaos continue

More car cavalcades have taken place to protest against Tory mishandling of the Covid-19 crisis and cuts, with the latest in Southwark and Newham

spotJohnson claims workplaces safe but HSE cancels inspections

The prime minister has told anxious workers that construction, manufacturing and food workplaces will be “Covid-compliant”

Workplace news and analysis

spotPostal workers’ action results in double victory for union

The CWU campaign has defended ‘USO’ Saturday delivery – and ousted union-busting CEO Rico Back

spotTrade unionists organise to fight for workplace safety in big NSSN meeting

Workers called for safety to be put before profit, and for union control over workplace safety

spotPosties walk out in Peterborough after manager tests positive

Royal Mail workers left work on the morning of 16 May after learning a line manager had tested positive for Covid-19

spotUniversal Basic Income: not a solution to insecurity and poverty under capitalism

None of the schemes with elements of UBI provide a decent level of income

Readers’ opinion

spotThe Jungle: capitalism’s remorseless attack on workers’ safety and conditions

Fiction review: The parallels between Upton Sinclair’s description of 1906 meat packaging factories and workplaces under coronavirus are frightening

spotGoing viral: letters to the editors

Letter to the editors: NHS, schools, anti-lockdown protests and more

spotObituary: Rob Crabb

A nurse who fought with strength and dignity: Wakefield Socialist Party is saddened to hear of the untimely death of Rob Crabb at the age of 60

International socialist news and analysis

spotTrump, coronavirus, capitalism, and the presidential race

Five months after Covid-19 reached the United States, the Trump administration and US capitalism have still failed to mobilise an effective response to the pandemic


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