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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Socialist issue 1094

8 July 2020

Fight for every job, fight for socialism

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The Socialist issue 1094

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Workplace news

spotFantastic virtual NSSN conference: “Fight for our lives and livelihoods”

spotHomerton hospital workers deserve equal pay and conditions

spotJobcentre reopening: only union struggle will put safety first

spotSouthampton UCU: election victory for combative rank and file

spotTower Hamlets council workers strike against wholesale attack on terms and conditions

spotNottingham unions fight council job cuts


spotFight for every job, fight for socialism

Thousands of jobs already destroyed. Thousands more announced almost every day. The ‘job retention scheme’ is turning into a jobs haemorrhage as the government starts to wind it down, with a view to scrapping it in October.

spotTory NHS betrayal

spotYoung people have no choice but to fight the system

spotLeicester: End the scandal of sweatshop labour

Why has there been a spike in people testing positive for Covid-19 in Leicester? It is most prevalent in areas that have a thriving underworld of sweatshops.

spotCovid pandemic and Northern Ireland – workers must resist the bosses’ offensive

The coronavirus pandemic hit Northern Ireland at the very same time as the political parties in the Assembly (Stormont) were re-establishing a power-sharing Executive for the first time in over three years

spot£1,600 less benefits if your job goes – while super-rich splash cash

spotTesting: Tories’ £5bn gift to private sector

spotJohnson blames care workers for deaths

Boris Johnson has tried to shift the blame for the scandal of mass Covid-19 deaths in care homes.

spot£3bn green pledge: not enough for climate or jobs

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has promised £3 billion of green investment. Goals include ‘decarbonising’ public buildings, insulating private homes, and creating work.

spotPoverty rises again – especially for BAME workers

spotThem and us

No going back

spotNo going back: Nationalise social care!


spotThe best place to start – join the Socialist Party

spotTrans rights protests oppose Tory backsliding

spotBlack Lives Matter – the fight is not over

International news

spotHong Kong: The fight for democratic rights

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong on 1 July on the 23rd anniversary of the settlement between London and Beijing, which marked the end of more than 150 years of British rule of the colony

spotBangladesh: Stop closure and privatisation of Jute Mills

Readers’ opinion

spotTV: The school that tried to end racism

This series showed an experiment with a group of Year 7 students in a South London school to explore how racism was learnt

spotBooks that inspired me: The Fire Next Time

spotThe Socialist Inbox


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