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Friday, June 21, 2024

The Socialist issue 1107

28 October 2020

Don’t let Tories starve our kids

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The Socialist issue 1107

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What we think

spotTories’ school meals outrage

Coronavirus News

spotDon’t let Tories starve our kids

spotTory ‘Starve a Kid to Save a Quid’ scheme

spotBoots launches £120, 12-minute Covid test

spotUnder the microscope

Workplace News

spotBacking Hugo Pierre for Unison general secretary

“The anger over NHS pay is enormous. Hugo has a strategy to win”: We need change! Change at work, change in how we are dealing with the Covid pandemic, change in the political system that gives millions of pounds to cronies of the cabinet while millions of people struggle

spotRoyal Mail: No more behind closed doors talks

The Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) are in vital talks with senior Royal Mail management which could decide the future of the 500-year-old institution of Royal Mail and what type of company it will be post-Covid.

spotFight Leeds Labour council’s massive cuts

Leeds Labour-run council has announced plans for massive cuts in services and jobs across the city in the coming months and year, on the basis of pressures on the council due to Covid-19.

spotWorkplace news in brief


spotNHS England’s £1bn winter shortfall: we need union action, not platitudes!

spotBAME Covid deaths due to capitalist inequality, confirms government

spotMayor and government compete to attack London transport: fight for no cuts!

spotGrenfell watch: landlord’s £800,000 saving

Food Standards

spotFood and a capitalist Brexit: No trust in Tory Deals!

International News

spotNigeria protests shake regime

spot“We need a leadership that comes from the movement”

spotBolivia elections: Crushing defeat for the right as MAS secures landslide victory

spotUS presidential election


spotOnline youth rally says: We won’t pay with our futures

spotBirmingham: ‘Refund our fees’ protests

spotSolidarity with the movement in Nigeria

spotEvicted students can fight back and win

spotWaltham Forest Save Our Square:

spotWhy I joined the Socialist Party – “I’m 15, and already I’ve lived through two global recessions and a pandemic”

Why I joined the Socialist Party – “I’m 15, and already I’ve lived through two global recessions and a pandemic”

spotBristol jobs protest: We want 100% pay

Readers’ Opinion

spotOne rule for them, and another for us

spotBooks that inspired me: Germinal

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Callous and cruel Tories
Matt Hancock, with his sickly insincere smile, retorted that £63 million had been given to local councils, which could be used to help children over the holidays who get free school meals.


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