The Socialist

The Socialist 3 November 2000

Guilty Guilty Guilty

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Defend Jobs and Services

The Blaim Someone Else Report

Rail's belated rush for safety

Domestic Violence: Shock figures but no new resources

Northern Ireland: Another Middle East in the Making?

BSE crisis - the madness of the profit system

Sri Lanka's violent election


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The Socialist 3 November 2000, Guilty Guilty Guilty

spotGuilty! Guilty! Guilty!

JOHN MAJOR was Tory prime minister at the height of the crisis over BSE, "mad cow disease" and its human variant vCJD...

spotDefend Jobs and Services

Councillors drag Hackney into backruptcy while government owes 50 million: NEW LABOUR has gone further than the hated Tories in their pursuit of 'free-market' policies, forcing councils across Britain to privatise services and slash the pay and conditions of council workers...

spotThe Blaim Someone Else Report

FOURTEEN-YEAR-old Zoe Jeffries died last week. She was the youngest victim of vCJD, the human equivalent of BSE, writes Dave Carr and Andy Ford.

spotRail's belated rush for safety

EVEN BEFORE last weekend's grim weather Britain's rail system was running at a snail's pace. Railtrack had, belatedly, started checking lines after the Hatfield rail crash...

spotDomestic Violence: Shock figures but no new resources

RESULTS OF a nationwide survey provide grim evidence of the extent of domestic violence in Britain today, writes Karen Mckay.

spotNorthern Ireland: Another Middle East in the Making?

DECISIONS TAKEN by delegates at last Saturday's Ulster Unionist Council could well spell the end of the Northern Ireland Assembly, writes Peter Hadden, Belfast.

spotBSE crisis - the madness of the profit system

THE BSE epidemic represents a deadlier threat to human health than HIV/Aids. Yet the people who are responsible for the deaths of over 80 people so far and who have put millions at risk - former Tory ministers...

spotSri Lanka's violent election

THE RECENTLY concluded Sri Lankan parliamentary election has not given any strength to the capitalist class to solve their problems, writes Siritunga Jayasuriya, general secretary United Socialist Party, Sri Lanka.