The Socialist

The Socialist 29 November 2007

Nationalise the banks!

Northern Rock scandal: Nationalise the banks!

Stop the ruin of our planet

Mass scrutiny needed to protect our rights and privacy

Data loss - no surprise to HMRC staff

NHS - new 'surplus' but problems continue

Demo shows support for victimised nurse

QinetiQ sell-off

In brief: Who safeguards safety?

Fight to save the NUS!

Students protest at Griffin and Irving

Exeter students gain anti-fascist victory

Kick the BNP out of Northumbria

Nigerian students detained

Defend students from victimisation

Che Guevara meetings

Brazil: An explosive brew in land of contrasts

Australia: Howard disappears under a Labor party landslide

France: Transport strikes suspended

Scotland: Solidarity conference

Preparing a revolution and its party

Communication Workers Union ballot

Teachers need a fighting union leadership

Construction bosses found guilty

In brief


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