Stroud says no to BNP media centre

PEOPLE IN the Gloucestershire town of Stroud, were shocked and outraged to find out that the far right, racist British National Party (BNP) plans to spread its lies from a national ‘propaganda’ centre (media centre) here. A building has been bought by a lorry company owned by BNP organiser Jim Dowson, a rabid racist and anti-abortionist.

Chris Moore, Gloucestershire Socialist Party

Stroud is not a sleepy backwater. We have a proud history of struggle, playing a prominent role in the anti-poll tax campaign under Thatcher, successfully campaigning to save a local hospital and a post office and sending a double-decker bus to the demo that helped close the BNP HQ in Welling, south east London in the early 1990s.

Inspired by the recent successful campaign to close the BNP ‘festival of hate’ in Derbyshire, we are now mobilising trade unionists, community activists and others to campaign against the BNP. It will be important to link this campaign to the fight against the Con-Dem government’s cuts, with Labour also supporting a vicious cuts package. Working class people need their own political voice and party to undercut the divisive racist lies of the BNP.

Public Meeting: ‘Say No To The BNP’, Wednesday 29 September, 7.30pm at The Space, Lansdown, Stroud.