Go North East bus strike
Go North East bus strike

Elaine Brunskill, Northern Socialist Party

Bus drivers for Go North East are continuing their all-out strike for decent pay and conditions.

Disingenuous bosses are arguing that the pay deal that has been offered would make Go North East the highest-paid drivers in the region. One of the strikers responded to this, saying: “Aye, by a couple of pence!” Strikers also explained that the drivers being referred to were themselves about to enter pay negotiations – so would be getting a pay rise soon.

Bosses are also stating that the pay offer is an inflation-busting offer, but strikers said this is not the case, and “the offer is below inflation”.

These drivers are determined to fight for a fair pay deal, and there is huge anger that they are paid up to 20% less than their fellow workers (from the same parent company) in Manchester. They do the same job, so want the same pay.

Strikers were also angered as a bus leaving the depot was going too fast, and being driven aggressively towards them – strikers said the driver was “trying to push them along with the bus.”

The strikers will not be intimidated by the antics being deployed by Go North East, and are determined to fight for a decent pay increase.