RMT on strike at Victoria. Photo: Paul Mattsson
RMT on strike at Victoria. Photo: Paul Mattsson

Because Starmer’s Labour doesn’t stand for us

Lindsey Morgan, Bristol South Socialist Party

There are still three weeks to go until the general election and most people have already had enough of interviews with political leaders, wild publicity stunts and meaningless pledges. But many will force themselves to vote just to make sure the Tories are gone. Even Tories seem to want the Tories out by now – including Sunak!

None of the capitalist parties, including the Greens, have put forward proposals that seriously remedy the huge problems we are facing, such as the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and the destruction of the NHS.

Food, gas, water, and all the essentials for life are too expensive. Massive Private Finance Initiative contracts are putting the NHS under huge pressure. Yet Labour’s shadow health secretary Wes Streeting wants to introduce even more privatisation to remedy it: like putting more petrol on an already raging fire.

They don’t have any answers beyond more ‘regulation’ for the water contamination crisis which has caused serious illness. This is at the same time as the boss of South West Water got a nifty 58% pay hike in the last financial year, taking her salary up to a whopping £860,000 a year.

Barring a miracle the Tories are out. But Starmer’s Labour won’t fight for us either. Across the country the Socialist Party is standing candidates under the banner of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC). We have a record of fighting for services: in our workplaces, trade unions and communities.

If you want to say enough is enough then vote for a party that will fight for you. And get ready to struggle under a Starmer-led government. Show the establishment that people are fighting for the socialist transformation of society we desperately need. Join us, campaign with us, build a socialist future at the ballot box and beyond.