London Pride march

The 2014 London LGBT Pride march was held on 28 June. The Socialist Party was there with stalls, leaflets, petitions and selling the Socialist.

The high turnout to this year’s march, despite torrential rain, shows that Pride is still a vibrant celebration of the LGBT community and gives others the opportunity to show support and solidarity.

However, what has been apparent for many years is Pride’s creeping de-politicisation and its domination by commercial sponsors. In past years the trade unions have formed up at the head of the march, but corporate sponsor Barclays led the 2014 parade. Big business can clearly see the profits to be made from the LGBT community. Groups were asked to pay to form contingents.

But there are still many issues impacting on the lives of LGBT workers and youth; from pay restraint and the housing crisis, to funding for the NHS and the impact of austerity policies on charities and community organisations. These and other issues should feature as a fundamental and integral part of the march.

The fight for LGBT equality is not yet complete. Let’s reclaim Pride and fight for our rights.

Elenor Haven