What we saw

Rob Williams, chair of the National Shop Stewards Network, got a mention in parliament recently. Tory broadsheet the Daily Telegraph was virtually shaking in panic at trade unionists’ response to the latest anti-union bill.

Rob was quoted saying: “The victory yesterday by Jeremy Corbyn has changed everything. The vote we saw yesterday was a political revolution. We must build a mass movement against austerity and the anti-union laws.

“The message must be simple – Cameron: we are going to take you down. Your anti-union bill and your cuts, you’re going down because we are mobilising against you.

“If this goes into law, we want mass co-ordinated strike action.”

Tory MP John Redwood slammed Rob for daring to stand up to the super-rich. Shortly after, Rob was invited onto the Daily Politics show (above) to defend the unions.

See Rob on the Daily Politics show at http://bbc.in/1OtIwGc (around 30 minutes in)


Amount spent by Conservative council in Torbay, Devon, on social housing, 2013 to 2015.


Amount that council spent on beach huts in the same period.