Why I joined the Socialist Party

“Our problems cannot be solved by capitalist politics”

Join the Socialists!, photo Helen Pattison

Join the Socialists!, photo Helen Pattison   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Tom Costello, Lancashire Socialist Party

Capitalism is fundamentally flawed. The wellbeing of workers in Britain and across the world is being destroyed through savage cuts and austerity.

Imperialist states are waging war across the globe in the name of profit, there is a severe housing crisis with no end in sight and all of this is happening on the back of a major financial crisis that we still haven’t yet ‘recovered’ from.

These problems are capitalist problems. They are caused by capitalism and they cannot be solved by capitalist politics. This is because of the ruthless nature of this economic system that will always prioritise profit over human need. And no amount of reforms can solve this. What we need is a full transformation of society to socialism, run democratically by the workers and for the workers.

We should not just oppose capitalism with words, but with action. We ought to be actively campaigning against the latest actions of the capitalist state, regardless of whether or not there are Tories or Blairites in government. That is why I have joined the Socialist Party.