Opposing racism, photo Paul Mattsson

Opposing racism, photo Paul Mattsson   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Fight racism and austerity

Jobs, homes and solidarity, not Trumpism!

April Ashley, Unison executive, Black members seat (personal capacity)

Trump’s vile racist ban on people travelling to the US from six Muslim-majority countries and his ban on refugees has been met with a mighty movement of opposition from US workers and young people.

And it’s not only in the US that people are taking to the streets, as we saw most recently on International Women’s Day. His presidency threatens working class and oppressed communities all over the world. It’s a scandal that Theresa May has invited this bigot to Britain to speak.

But the Tory government is also guilty of racism and of blocking refugees, while pursuing wars and ‘regime change’ in Syria and the Middle East which have created a massive humanitarian crisis.

Many equate Trump’s right-wing populism with Brexit. Of course, during the EU referendum the official and the Ukip-led Leave campaigns whipped up anti-migrant feeling, but so too did the Tory Remain campaign.

Unfortunately, the late switch of Jeremy Corbyn to a pro-EU position meant that an independent, working class socialist opposition to the bosses’ EU was not heard.

Since Brexit, and Trump’s election, there has been a steep rise in racist attacks. However, at root, the vote to exit the EU was not primarily against immigration. For many, Brexit represented a rage against austerity and against a corrupt establishment which benefits the super-rich.

We fight for better terms and conditions for all – including a £10 an hour minimum wage, mass council house building, nationalisation of key industries and rejection of EU directives that attack workers’ rights.

  • Defend the rights of migrants and refugees. Defend the right to asylum. Oppose all racist immigration controls. Guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK to remain. For workers’ unity against racism and austerity.
  • The establishment of full union recognition rights to negotiate collective agreements for all workers. Stop the ‘race to the bottom’.
  • Rejection of all trade agreements which increase corporate power and its ability to take over our public services and weaken workers’ rights.

March Against Racism – 18 March

  • London: 12pm, (BBC) Portland Place, W1A 1AA
  • Cardiff: 11am, Grange Gardens, CF11
  • Glasgow: 11am, Holland St