Rolls Royce strike, 5.5.17

Rolls Royce strike, 5.5.17   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Pensions strike at Rolls Royce

Production lines are quiet today at the Goodwood plant near Chichester as hundreds of noisy pickets are providing a ‘welcoming party’ for visiting BMW board members from Germany.

The front gate and manicured lawn of the grand entrance is now occupied by strikers who stand to lose up to £160,000, 20%, of their defined benefit pension scheme. Workers here are angry that after record sales of the Mini and Rolls Royce with profits of over 6 billion euros, they are told the company can’t afford to continue the scheme.

Further strikes across BMW plants are planned for 16 and 18 May. Today’s historic first ever strike at Rolls Royce shows these workers are determined to defend their pensions.

Nick Chaffey