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Scott Jones, Usdaw East London branch vice-chair (personal capacity)

Two of so-called ‘Big Four’ supermarkets – Tesco and Sainsbury’s – have announced job losses running into the thousands. This comes after job losses in Tesco at head office and call centres and attacks on terms and conditions across retail in recent years.

The response of shop workers’ union Usdaw in both cases is “to minimise redundancies”. But redundancies should be opposed outright, not accepted without a fight.

Usdaw should demand the supermarkets open the books to prove the financial need for this shake-up. Tesco promises ‘new’ jobs are being created but there should be a guarantee that nobody loses their job and the new roles should mean no loss of pay or worse terms and conditions.

Usdaw presidential candidate Amy Murphy says: “This a dreadful time for our members in Tesco and Sainsbury’s who are facing redundancy and the uncertainty that it brings and I am doing whatever I can to help. Solidarity to Tesco and Sainsbury’s workers.”

Vote for Amy Murphy to give Usdaw a socialist, fighting president. Ballot ends 9 February.