Fighting fund helps pay for leaflets and other campaigning material photo Samantha Smith, photo Samantha Smith

Fighting fund helps pay for leaflets and other campaigning material photo Samantha Smith, photo Samantha Smith   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Ken Douglas, Socialist Party national treasurer

We are asking all our members and supporters to donate to the Socialism 2019 financial appeal.

This year we have managed to purchase new premises and to move our national headquarters and print shop. We were only able to do so due to the magnificent response to our Building Fund appeal over the last two years, which has raised over £241,000.

But this Socialism appeal is also vitally important. Smashing our annual fighting fund target of £120,000 will enable us to maintain our finances for the next year, particularly with a possible general election looming.

The fighting fund underpins all our campaigning material. It enables us to get our ideas out to as wide an audience as possible.

The Socialist Party virtually stands alone in putting a clear, class position in the fog of Brexit, calling for a general election now to kick the Tories out and for a Corbyn government with socialist policies.

We have always argued for a determined campaign to kick the Blairites out of the Labour Party and for Labour councils to stop doing the Tories’ dirty work: sacking workers, attacking trade union rights and selling off council assets and land to spiv property developers.

Our members play a key role in the trade unions, supporting workers in struggle such as the postal workers. In the communities we fight austerity and privatisation. And we fight alongside young people on the climate change protests.

In the pages of the Socialist and Socialism Today, in our podcasts and videos, we link our analysis of the current situation to the need to build support for socialist ideas, for a mass working-class party, and for the socialist transformation of society.

A proportion of the money raised at Socialism 2019 will also go to assist the Committee for a Workers’ International, the socialist international organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated.

Can you give £5, £50 or £500? Can you ask other members and supporters to donate? Every donation, no matter how small, will make a difference, and all of it will go to building support for socialist ideas.