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Socialist Students is backing protests against the Tory budget on 11 March.

They offer us no future whatsoever. Instead, what’s on offer is a lifetime of student debt, poverty pay and housing, and climate crisis.

The lives of students and young people have been blotted by a decade of Tory austerity and misery.

Boris Johnson’s words about austerity being over are hollow. The government has announced that all government departments will see a 5% spending cut.

Our education system is not safe. University campuses are in complete disarray. Tory-driven marketisation is piling up grievances for students and workers alike.

Socialist Students says:

  • Fight for free, fully funded university education
  • Cancel all outstanding student debt
  • Reverse the marketisation of higher education
  • Build council homes and university-run, not-for-profit student housing
  • End low pay and zero-hour contracts
  • Build a united student and worker fightback on the campuses against the Tories
  • Read the full statement at
Theo Sharieff, Socialist Students national organiser