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Starmer wins

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Since Keir Starmer was elected leader of the Labour Party, the Socialist Party has been inundated with applications to join. Here are just a few of the comments we have received.
  • Thank you for having me. Having left the Labour Party today after five years I’m thrilled to be a part of the Socialist Party.
  • I wish to join a true socialist party. Labour with Starmer is, I feel, going to become centrist and renounce socialist values.
  • After the great work done by Jeremy Corbyn in putting socialism at the front of Labour’s policy it’s heartbreaking that all his hard work is going to be undone. Socialism is the only way to end the evil austerity programme introduced by the Tories.
  • As a trade union rep I’ve seen how austerity has affected our members and don’t trust a Blairite in Keir Starmer. We need to keep the positive message socialism can deliver to help millions of people living in poverty.
  • After today’s election result, I feel I can no longer pay into what has become basically a centrist party.
  • I’ve just left the Labour Party as they no longer represent my views. The Socialist Party does.
  • I have been a socialist all my life and want to be involved in politics within a party that shares my views. I sincerely hope this will be it.
  • I have heard of you, but would like more info. I am a socialist, I am scared of how the Labour Party is going. We need to get rid of the Tories from power, I have seen too much poverty.
  • Keir Starmer’s leadership today leaves me politically homeless. I support Jeremy Corbyn but know he will stay in Labour. I do not want to support Labour.
  • I was suspended from the Labour Party for five years during Jeremy Corbyn’s second leadership campaign. My vote didn’t count. When Keir Starmer became Labour leader I decided to stop appealing my suspension and leave.
  • Due to a lurch to the right within the Labour Party, I’m looking for fellow socialists to help lift my disillusionment
  • Labour is no longer fit for purpose. I’ve waited since Michael Foot. They will never let a socialist be leader. Full of Blairites. I need a left party.
  • Have put off joining for a long time but it seems more urgent than ever at the moment. Looking forward to supporting the movement.
  • I’m disappointed (although not surprised) at the result of the Labour leadership contest and therefore feel politically homeless. I stopped my membership of the Labour Party having been disappointed at RLB’s backing of the Board of Deputies’ ten pledges as it was her I intended to use my vote for.