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Hull: picking up the Socialist at a safe distance

I’m trying this (picture right) to distribute the Socialist, which relies on people’s honesty. I had a couple of thumbs up and eight papers have been taken. I have faith in people.

Of course you don’t all have to come round ours to pick up the Socialist. To subscribe, visit socialistparty.org.uk/subscribe

Phil Culshaw

Leeds: readers impressed with Socialist coverage

I posted a copy of the Socialist to someone who normally buys it off me once a month. He was so impressed with our coverage on Covid-19 and its effect on the trade union movement he texted me and asked to be sent a copy of the Socialist every week for the next two months.

At our Unite Community meeting – held online over Zoom – one of our members reported an alternative ‘Thursday night clap for NHS’. Add an additional chant: “Test, test, test… PPE… keep key workers virus free!”

Kevin Pattison

East London: virtual race turns into real fighting fund

East London Socialist Party organised a ‘virtual Grand National’ horse racing sweepstake for the party’s fighting fund on 4 April – to mitigate the negative effects of the coronavirus lockdown on our public fundraising activities.

People paid online and the sweepstake raised £65 for the fighting fund along with a £15 prize – and no horses were injured!

Simon Carter