CWU members are angry, photo Paul Mattsson

CWU members are angry, photo Paul Mattsson   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

The mood amongst the vast majority of postal workers is turning from concern to anger as they see senior management putting the interests of the shareholders and profit over the interests of the workforce.

In meetings last week with management and the CWU at a senior level, Royal Mail management showed complete contempt towards the union and the CWU membership.

The issue of safety and Covid-19 was really been brought home when it was announced last weekend that two postal workers had died – Stefan Haluszczak from Coventry Parcels Hub and Bola Omoyeni from the National Distribution Centre in Northampton.

Bola was a longstanding CWU rep, involved with the CWU for over 30 years, and previously been on the CWU National Race Advisory Committee.

It is impossible to say how the came in contact with the virus, but their deaths will only increase the concern of many postal workers across the country.

Over the last week a number of units have refused to work in what they view are unsafe conditions. It is reported the lack of PPE is still widespread, and social distancing is at best mixed.

When the senior Royal Mail health and safety manager says washing your hands is the golden standard, many postal workers ask, ‘how can you wash your hands when you’re out delivering mail’?

When the places postal workers normally use for toilet stops such as community centres, cafes, bars etc, are now closed.

That message showed a complete lack of understanding amongst the managers of what it’s really like on the ground.

The CWU Postal Executive Committee met on Friday. Many members who were waiting on a clear leadership, will feel let down by the national response, which is all about trying to pressure the government, and calling for a vote of no confidence in Royal Mail CEO Rico Back.

The mood is that this is not enough considering the contempt being shown to the CWU and our membership.

A postal worker