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Coronavirus has revealed the chaos of the Tory marketisation of higher education.

Universities face a funding shortfall totalling billions of pounds, due to the slowdown in applications of international students to British universities.

The university bosses association, UUK, responsible for attacking the pay and conditions of striking members of the University and College Union (UCU), has written to the government asking for a bailout. In return, it has committed to carry through further cuts on campus.

Students, forced to return home because of the crisis, are battling against greedy landlords refusing to release students from their contacts early.

That’s why Socialist Students has produced a student charter for the coronavirus – a three part socialist programme on student housing, health and safety on campus, and free education.

The charter is an indispensable tool for any student wanting to get involved in the fight for a safe and decent future for students and young people.

Get in touch if you’d like to attend a local online Socialist Students meeting in your area and how you can get involved with Socialist Students.

To get a copy of the Socialist Students’ coronavirus – a students’ charter go to or find Socialist Students on Facebook

  • And read the Socialist Party’s workers’ charter at