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Pete Mason, Socialist Party finance organiser

More than £500 has been donated to the Socialist Party during Black Lives Matter protests around the country in the last few days. We received £104 from the Stafford protest in the West Midlands, including one donation of £40; £100 from Reading, and £51 in Worcester.

“Thanks for another great meeting!” writes Peggy-Sue from Hackney, sending us £5.

These small, regular donations are a vital part of our fundraising – they help us participate and bring our ideas to the mass protests happening today. We get no backing from big business or wealthy benefactors.

An anonymous donation of £10 which came with the comment: “To put towards the BLM posters.” It precisely hit the spot. A Bristol reader writes: “Glad to be of help, let’s make it a better world” and donated £15.

But we welcome large donations from working-class people too! Helen Hayes, an 85-year-old, gets a copy of the Socialist each week from Frank Bowen from Wavertree in Liverpool, and donated another £100 this week. Frank says: “She has made several donations of a £100 over the last couple of years”, and she is helping to build a socialist future.

Enterprising fundraiser Alexander Brown from Sheffield has sent us a whopping £800 from the sale of Militant T-shirts, including £300 sent earlier in the year.

Donations in memory of Socialist Party national organisers Ken Douglas and Mick Cotter are still arriving and have topped £2,000, with some moving tributes.

A £100 donation to the Mick Cotter memorial arrived from Thessaloniki in Greece.

A donation in memory of Ken Douglas of £50, saluted the “huge contribution” Ken made to the work of the Socialist Party. The contributor added: “He remains simply, one of the nicest people I had ever met.”

Also, donations to our special coronavirus finance appeal have reached £32,613. Keep them coming in!

  • Visit socialistparty.org.uk/donate or call 020 8988 8777 or make cheques payable to Socialist Party, PO Box 1398, Enfield EN1 9GT