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Pete Mason, Socialist Party finance organiser

Socialist Party campaigns on the streets of England and Wales, on safety in schools, welfare payments after coronavirus, and defending the NHS, have met with enthusiastic support.

We raised £1,570 for our vital funds last week alone, helping us to put our socialist message across. York Socialist Party raised £40 on their campaign stalls, as did Birmingham. Carlisle raised £55.

Our Fighting Fund campaign now stands at £61,474, with only three weeks to go to reach the target of £68,750. Let’s make a big push to hit the target.

Members and supporters find many ways to raise funds. £66 came in from donations for homemade facemasks, thanks to Lynn from Devon.

Paul in Staines is still raising money from his marathon attempt, with another £10. Nick in the Black Country raised £60 selling second-hand books.

We also received many donations direct from the public. £10 from Linda in Ipswich, sent with the message: “Hope it helps”. It certainly does.

Donations large and small are very welcome. Thanks to Sue Atkins for £50 with the simple message: “Solidarity”.

Finally thanks to David Maples from Lambeth for £100 for our coronavirus appeal. If you haven’t donated yet, there’s still time.