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Chris Newby, Socialist Party national committee

With only days to go before the main political event of the year, it is vital that you get your pledges in now for the Socialism 2020 Fighting Fund Appeal.

With both donations and IOUs please send a photo of local campaigning in your area.

Hundreds of socialists, trade unionists, students, young workers and anti-cuts fighters will be coming together from 20 to 23 November to discuss all the complex questions that confront us in the fight for our lives and our livelihoods. Covid means it will be an online event. Socialism will be a place where everyone can participate in discussion on ideas to change the world.

We have made a good start to the appeal – but we need to ask everyone to donate, all members, supporters, friends and family, to make sure we achieve the best possible amount. We need to explain that every penny is needed.

Normally we would be sat together, a thousand of us, listening to the rally speakers explain how capitalism causes misery across the world and how we can fight back against it. This year’s speakers will put forward a Marxist analysis and programme vital to building an effective working class fightback:
Hannah Sell, Socialist Party general secretary;
Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party political secretary;
Howie Hawkins, Green US presidential candidate;
Bea Gardner, Student activist;
Hugo Pierre, Unison NEC (personal capacity);
Isai Priya, Socialist Party Black & Asian members coordinator.

This year we can’t get together physically for the rally on Saturday 21 November – but we still need to raise the money collectively. That’s why we’re asking for donations and pledges to be sent in now.

The pages of the Socialist are full of reports of the struggles involving trade unionists, students and community campaigners. Socialist Party members play an important part in these campaigns and, in some cases, lead them. It is vital that the Socialist Party has the finances to be able to pay for leaflets, papers, posters and placards to get our socialist message to as wide an audience as possible. Every donation we receive for the Socialism 2020 appeal will help us put socialist ideas forward in a world where they are more needed than ever.

  • For info about Socialism, the agenda, or to buy tickets: www.socialism2020.net or phone 020 8988 8777
  • Details of how to watch the Socialism rally will be in the next issue of the Socialist