Boris Johnson Estonian presidency/CC

Boris Johnson Estonian presidency/CC   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Elaine Brunskill, South Tyne and Wear Socialist Party

Who needs Game of Thrones when you have the unfolding events in Johnson’s government?

Against the backdrop of the pandemic and Brexit, we have images of Johnson’s senior adviser Dominic Cummings walking out the front door of Downing Street.

When, almost a year ago, Boris, with Cummings by his side, won a landslide general election many thought both were invincible.

Certainly, back in May, after a backlash against Cummings’ road trip to Barnard Castle, many were incredulous that he survived his rose garden interview.

Sometimes it can take time for events to unfold. We are now seeing the unravelling of Johnson’s government.

Cummings has gone, Boris is no longer looking invincible and a post-Cummings government ‘reset’ will not resolve their problems, even with the prospect of a Covid vaccine. Covid and Brexit are exaggerating all the fault lines, not just in the Tory government, but also in their rotten capitalist system.

As always, it is the working class who will be hardest hit, while the super-rich rake in mega-profits.

A growing number of workers and young people are drawing the conclusion that capitalism can no longer offer them an even half-decent future. We need a ‘reset’ of the whole system. We need to fight for socialism.

So don’t just get angry, get organised! Join the socialists and fight for a new mass workers’ party that represents our interests, not those of big business and the rich as the Tories and now Starmer’s Labour Party do.

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