Mass protests against Macron’s repressive draft law

Anti-worker French president Emmanuel Macron, photo

Anti-worker French president Emmanuel Macron, photo   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Mass protests against Macron’s repressive draft law Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated across the streets of France, on 28 November against President Macron’s latest repressive measures, in particular, his draft security bill.

This mass pressure has forced the national assembly and Elysee palace to rewrite the bill. The most contentious aspect of it was Article 24. It would have made it illegal and punishable by one year’s imprisonment and a €45,000 fine to “circulate images” identifying police or military officers in the course of their duties. It amounted to allowing the police to beat people with impunity.

But it is the whole draft law that contains 32 articles, all of which strengthen the repressive arm of the police, which must go.

In the country of the ‘rights of man’, people have lost eyes, limbs or even their lives through repression while demonstrating against the government’s policies.

As Gauche Revolutionnaire (CWI France) said in its leaflet: “Massive lay-offs, calamitous management of the health crisis, exhaustion of teachers, lack of resources in the health sector, the destruction of public services… there are plenty of reasons to revolt to put an end to this policy!

“And Macron knows it; his only answer is always more repression because he fears mass struggle. So we need to mobilise a mass movement of workers and young people, united together, to put an end to this policy and the government.”

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India: Millions join general strike

Despite the widespread repression under the blatantly right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led regime of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the all-India general strike on 26 November, involving more than 250 million workers, seems to have set the tone for the battles ahead.

Indian trade unions condemned the arrests of workers’ and farmers’ leaders across the country as they demonstrated together in one of the biggest ever nationwide general strikes.

Weeks earlier, ten trade unions, and others on the left, had called for an all-out general strike, mainly focusing on the repeal of anti-worker labour codes (see article by New Socialist Alternative – CWI India – on and the despicable anti-farmer agricultural laws hurriedly brought in by the BJP government.

Both public and private sector employees participated in the strike. The united front of over 250 farmers organisations, the All-India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee, extended support to the trade union strike, and the unions extended their support to the farmers’ ‘Chalo Delhi’ (march to Delhi) mobilisation on 26 and 27 November.

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