TUSC lobby the Welsh assembly in 2015, Socialist party Wales

TUSC lobby the Welsh assembly in 2015, Socialist party Wales   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

With the gradual easing of the Covid restrictions, more and more Socialist Party branches are able to hold campaign stalls and are getting a good response. Socialist Party members in Manchester report that they have started their campaign stalls again after Manchester’s “permanent” lockdown. While they report it is still much quieter than usual, they have nethertheless managed to raise £26.85 in the first week and £20.07 in the second week. In Staines, £25 fighting fund was raised at their Saturday campaign stall. Socialist Party members in east London raised £30 on the ‘Stop the evictions, drop the debts’ housing demo. These are just a few of the examples we’ve had in the last week.

Looking at different ways to raise fighting fund, Southampton Socialist Party has raised £30 from ‘Save our NHS’ badges.

Are you paying – and asking for – the solidarity price for the Socialist? Our members report that we have received a lot of donations from people this way. Every Socialist Party branch should make sure they have a card reader on all their campaigning activity. Many of the donations we received on the Kill the Bill demos last Saturday were through card readers. Make sure your branch doesn’t miss out!