Enfield by-election: We need councillors prepared to resist

Socialists campaigning in Enfield, London. Photo: Enfield TUSC

Socialists campaigning in Enfield, London. Photo: Enfield TUSC   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Vote TUSC in Bush Hill Park on 1 July

North London Socialist Party member John Dolan is standing in the by-election in Bush Hill Park in Enfield on 1 July. John is the candidate for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

We need a voice for the working class. Vote TUSC for a socialist councillor in Enfield to stand up to Tories and Labour, and fight the cuts!

What we’re fighting for:

Support NHS and care workers fighting for a pay rise

NHS and care workers have been on the frontline during the pandemic. They have had a 20% pay cut over the last ten years, so workers are now demanding a 15% pay rise.

But the Tory government has suggested 1%, and Labour has quietly muttered 2%. We stand with the workers fighting for 15%!

Council housing, not expensive flats
Make Meridian Water 100% council homes

The Enfield Labour council is borrowing billions of pounds to buy land for private developers at Meridian Water. Meanwhile, thousands of households pay extortionate rents for overcrowded homes, and thousands sit on the council housing waiting list.

The Meridian Water development must be 100% council homes. The council should introduce rent controls to stop rip off rents.

Keep Whitewebbs public
Reinstate weekly bin collection

The council has given in to the government’s demand for cutbacks and privatisation. That is why Enfield Labour council has reduced bin collections, and plans to lease the council-owned Whitewebbs golf course and surrounding woodland to a private company.

The council has also hiked council tax. We need councillors prepared to resist.

A people’s budget

Establishment politicians – Tory, Labour and Lib Dem – have carried our cutbacks to our local services. We need politicians prepared to stand up to big business and the rich to demand the funding we need.

John says: “Over the last ten years, austerity has more than halved the funding for the care service I work in. As a trade union representative for public sector union Unison, I know that workers in understaffed services are highly stressed, and struggling to provide the quality services our communities need and deserve.”

We say that the community and trade unions should come together to draw up a budget that meets Enfield’s needs. It’s time to stand up to the government to win back the millions stolen from our communities.

We need councillors who demand that it’s the super-rich billionaires who pay for the crisis, not ordinary working-class people. If elected, John will vote against all cuts and council tax rises.

John is also demanding:

Scrap Edmonton incinerator – invest in green energy

North London Socialist Party

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  • How can we build a party for the working class – that fights for an NHS pay rise and against council cuts?
  • Wednesday 30 June, 7:30pm
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