TV Review

Vigil: A nuclear sub murder mystery


Vigil   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Derek McMillan, Worthing

‘We are here to start a nuclear war. Don’t waste our time with one bloody death’, is the attitude of the officers on HMS Vigil towards the hapless detective DCI Silva in the opening episodes of this BBC series.

The contempt of the military officers towards the police and towards the people of Scotland and civilians in general is made clear.

On paper, the nuclear subs are there to defend the public. In practice, the sinking of a trawler is just a nuisance to be hushed up, and who cares if the rank and file die?

The people of Scotland resent the fact that the Westminster government has pinned a nuclear target on their backs. Any government and any terrorist group which wants to attack the Trident subs will endanger Scottish lives. Perhaps that is just the way the Tories like it.

This is the background to a story which has all the hallmarks of ‘Line of Duty’ and it is every bit as gripping.

The idea of a murder mystery set on a submarine is the ultimate ‘locked room’ mystery and this is an excellent detective story.

Vigil is well worth a watch.