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Derek McMillan, Worthing, West Sussex

The government has a proposal on the table to raise the qualifying age for free medical prescriptions from 60 to 66. Of course, once they have raised it to 66, it will be 67, 68… the sky’s the limit.

Prescriptions already cost the best part of £10. This is not for the prescription but for each item on the prescription. This is financially crippling for those with multiple health conditions.

It is most likely that people will pick and choose which items to buy, and they may decide they cannot afford any of them. The impact on the NHS could be catastrophic.

The government thinks old people deserve the right to die and they will give it to us whether we like it or not.

This government has made U-turns before, they can be shamed and forced into making another.

A bit of support from the Labour Party would be nice… in your dreams perhaps.

Support candidates like the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition who are not afraid to fight for our rights.